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ET – Please tell our readers a bit about Ador Dorath.
(Discography, biography, various band members etc)

AD – Well� The group come into being in 1998. We started with playing music by our �idols�, but later we decided to compose our own music and we were lucky enough to survive. Quite a lot of people entered and also left AD. Now there are only three people in a group from the �founding members�. Our only album is called Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath and we released it by ourselves in 2002. But in these days, and that is also the reason why we are sending this interview so late, we re-released our album under Shindy production. We added two video to the cd and we also improved the booklet a bit.

ET – I found your album interesting, and I�m looking forward to hearing your next effort. How satisfied are you with the album yourselves?
AD – Thanks:)� Well in general we are satisfied but you know after hearing it again and again you always find something to be improved or changed. With the next album� We would like to go to the studio in the begining of 2005� We will see�

ET – The sound on your album is quite good, I must say. I take it that you�re pleased yourself with the quality of the production?
AD – Yes not bad for the first album�:) We were very lucky to meet wonderfull person Jarek Toifl, he has got a recording studio in Poland and he really understands his job, and he helped us a lot during recording. We spent three weeks in studio and we did our best.

ET – Listening to the album I�m finding a lot of musical genres in your music. Blackmetal, deathmetal, industrial and even goth. Do you feel that by mixing all these genres you are able to create something special that stands out from other bands? Please explain.
AD – 🙂 everybody hopes he is creating something special, so do we�

ET – How does the process of creating music go with seven different band members? Does everyone have their own preferences in the process?
AD – It could go together� of course some tolerance is needed but we do not have problems with that. As for composing somebody comes with an idea and then another idea is combined with the prewious one and so on� In this way the music is done and then the text is created� and song is made�:)

ET – What kind of music does the band members themselves listen to, both in their daily lives and to find inspiration?
AD – The range is really very wide. From clasical music to electronic music� The inspiration is everywhere�

ET – Do any of the other band members play in other bands/projects?
AD – Oh yes� Krystian has a lot of activities� -orchestra playing, and also some other musical bodies. Martin plays in jazz-rock group and our new bassguitar player has also another metal band.

ET – How is the metal-scene down there? Any bands besides yours worth mentioning?
AD – In part of CR we are from it is quite good. And there are some groups worth mentioning: Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Root, Cerebral Turbulency,� And also Depresy, they are from Slovakia but it is not far from here.

ET – What about live performances and touring? Any chance of perhaps seeing you outside of your home country sometime in the future?
AD – Of course we are planning to make some tour but,you know� it is a little financial problem for us� But one time we will definitely manage to overcome it:)

ET – What about live performances and touring? Any chance of perhaps seeing you outside of your home country sometime in the future?
AD – Well we made a music and the lyrics to tell you something, so give it a try and try to listen and to understand and you will find yourself in it:)

ET – Now is the chance to tell our readers why they should pick up and listen to Ador Dorath.
AD – Thank you very much for contacing us. We do apologize for a delay and we hope we have not caused any problems by that. If you are interested we have a new website