WALKENHORST & PORTER – Telling the truth and making it rhyme

The Rainmakers, the Kansas City band that was synonymous with great music and jampacked concertclubs during the late '80s and mid '90s here in Norway, has long since disbanded. But 14 years after their last appearance here, bandleader extraordinaire Bob Walkenhorst is once again bringing his music to the Norwegian scene. Whereas the Rainmakers was a 4 piece rock'n'roll band, Walkenhorst now only shares the stage with one man; Jeff Porter. The duo Walkenhorst & Porter mostly plays acoustic music and have been doing so together for the past 7 years at The RecordBar (formerly Mollys's) in Kansas City. The duo has stepped it up a notch, recorded an album of original songs and decided to visit Bob's old stomping grounds here in Norway. We sat down with the guys backstage at John Dee before their opening night gig.