LUCY KRUGER & THE LOST BOYS – new single released

LUCY KRUGER & THE LOST BOYS – new single released

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys release Final Single “Dripping Trees” from upcoming album “A Human Home”

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, the dynamic musical ensemble known for its evocative soundscapes and self-reflective lyricism, has just released “Dripping Trees.” This haunting track is the final installment from their upcoming album, “A Human Home.”

The song explores the struggle of a character facing winter’s retreat. Should they brave the cold in the hope of finding the warmth of connection, or is it safer to hide inside? The calm beginning draws listeners in, leading to a whirlwind of guitar noise and ending in a cathartic resolution.

Featuring band members Liú Mottes and Jean-Louise on guitar and viola, with Werner von Waltsleben on drums, “Dripping Trees” highlights Lucy Kruger’s atmospheric music style and emotive storytelling. The song invites listeners on a journey of reflection and release.

The single’s artwork, by Julia Schimautz, with photography by Francis Broek and styling by Lenny-Dee Nielson, sets the mood. Ines Soutschka at Cult Wife created the lyric video, incorporating mesmerizing animation by Julia Schimautz.

“Dripping Trees” wraps up Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys’ introspection in “A Human Home,” a project born during Berlin’s lockdown. Through lo-fi production and intimate songwriting, the album explores the concept of home. Lucy Kruger emphasizes the influence of others on her creative process, acknowledging that home extends beyond physical spaces to include cherished relationships. From remote collaborations to impromptu duets, “A Human Home” celebrates human connection amidst isolation.

The full album will be out on the 31st of May.

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys:

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