LOCH VOSTOK – new album out

LOCH VOSTOK – new album out

Photo by Jens Rydén

Progressive Metal Act LOCH VOSTOK Releases New Album, “Opus Ferox II – Mark of the Beast”, Out Now On ViciSolum Productions!

Swedish progressive metal veterans LOCH VOSTOK have celebrated the release of their brand new studio album, “Opus Ferox II – Mark of the Beast”, that is out now on ViciSolum Productions!

“Opus Ferox II – Mark of the Beast” expands on the groundwork set by its forerunner, “Opus Ferox – The Great Escape” (2021), featuring infectious chorus melodies and vibrant songwriting that highlights LOCH VOSTOK‘s distinctive sound. The record brims with a superb display of unbridled energy, delivering compelling new tracks that are bound to enthrall audiences.

Guitarist Teddy Möller about the album:
Opus Ferox II – Mark of the Beast, provides all your needs for prog nerdery of the highest rank. Soaring vocals over atmospheric progressive music with thrashy djent tendencies. Growls accentuates the aggressiveness, and the super professional production makes this the progmetal album you always asked for“.

Artwork by Patric Orwald
Listen to the full album HERE

Additionally, to promote their latest album, LOCH VOSTOK have released a captivating performance video of their song “The Great Wide Open.” This exceptional live recording took place at Söderhamns Teater during an unforgettable evening with Scar Symmetry in January 2024. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing realm of  LOCH VOSTOK by watching the video at the following link

“Opus Ferox II – Mark of the Beast” is out now on ViciSolum Productions.

01. Distant Assistance
02. Cult Status
03. The Great Wide Open
04. Children of Science
05. Senses
06. Drastic Measures
07. Rebel Command
08. Just Like That
09. Lords of the Inanimate
10. Ancient Body Switching Ritual

Loch Vostok are:
Jonas Radehorn – Lead Vocals
Teddy Möller – Guitars and Vocals
Niklas Kupper – Guitars
Patrik Orwald – Bass
William Parkstam – Drums

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