UNCANNY – Shroomsday

UNCANNY – Shroomsday

BAND URL: https://www.facebook.com/uncannysounds/

This is my first encounter with the charming and delightfully wonky progressive metal band from Norway known as Uncanny, and I must say that I find this eclectic and perfectly unpredictable eight-track offering of theirs, which will be out in April, quite beguiling and seductive.

While their soundscapes undoubtedly are layered and occasionally even somewhat dense, they rarely appear convoluted or unnecessarily complex, which results in the record striking that perfect balance between being immediately attractive and sufficiently challenging to always keep one focused and also warrant repeated listens. Things are woven together in such a sophisticated and organic way that the album flows incredibly well and feels like a cohesive piece of work regardless of whether we are discussing the track sequencing or the seemingly effortless way in which the group move from one part or passage to the next. The riffs add a prominent touch of unorthodoxy to the proceedings, and you can never really tell where they are heading or in what direction they will take you, but that is the beauty of this rewarding opus. Most of their musical ideas and motifs come together splendidly and immersing oneself in Shroomsday very much feels like a journey to an intoxicating and all-consuming realm filled with the conflicting thoughts and emotions that constantly wrestle within us.  

Words such as explorative, daring, and adventurous constantly come to mind when cranking this forward-thinking slice of prog-ish music up loud and given that the song arrangements are nothing if not highly creative and that the production provides plenty of punch, you simply cannot go wrong with Shroomsday. If you want dynamics, dramatic vigor, and inventive tunes that will take you somewhere else, this infinitely rewarding gem is just the thing for you. Post-metal, post-rock, prog, art rock, prog metal – is there anything these gentlemen cannot do?

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