PARK+RIOT – debut album out

PARK+RIOT – debut album out

PARK+RIOT: ‘Wise Words From Well-Fed Mouths’ Debut Full-Length From Leipzig Based MATHCORE/SLUDGE Outfit


The band had this to say about the album: “We recorded `Wise Words from Well-Fed Mouths´ in our self build studio Kuntergrund together with a friend. Drums and Guitar were recorded live in the same room, with lots of bleeding on each microphone. In the album there are no extra layers of guitar, except for `Cure´ which wes recorded differently.
We recorded all the songs in one week and some of them were even written in that time like `The Long Run´or `Seeds´.

Afterwards we didn’t touch the songs for some months and then started recording the vocals. The true beauty of the tracks came out when Magnus Lindberg did the Mixing and Mastering. He did an amazing job, with these tricky signals!

Finding a label who wanted to release something like this was tricky. Chris from `This Charming Man-Records´ listened to it, said it’s bulky and far from popular, and we started working together. We are really happy about that. Last but not least we got a funding for our album, so it was the first time we could do some promotion, bring a cameraman to our tour in Israel before the release and shoot some fancy music videos.”

Earlier this Month the Band Unleashed the ‘Boltcutters’ Single and Video

Leipzig’s mathcore/sludge duo Park+Riot release third single ‘Boltcutters’ from their upcoming album ‘Wise Words From Well-Fed Mouths’. Boltcutters is a dynamic and propulsive track, inspired by the experience of working in a refugee-camp in Lesvos (Greece). Witnessing violence in various forms against migrants at the EU border inevitably leads to an awareness of one’s own privileges. Boltcutters is the resulting outcry for radical change and equal rights for all! The new album, Wise Words from Well-Fed Mouths, is set to be released on March 15th via This Charming Man Records and can be pre-ordered here:

In Case You Missed it WATCH/SHARE ‘The Long Run’ Video From PARK+RIOT

Comments the band: “Lyrically, ‘The Long Run’ channels the impatience that simply hoping for change will not help in the face of ongoing crises. The Video was shot during the our recent tour through Israel. We were invited by the local punk and hardcore scene to play some of the first heavy shows since the outbreak of the war.”


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