INFERNO MUSIC CONFERENCE 2024 – new panels announced

INFERNO MUSIC CONFERENCE 2024 – new panels announced

Black metal in writing 

Through the years there has been written several books on Black Metal. Some of them are only scraping the surface and focusing on the violence and crime, while others attempt to dive deeper. Authors Dayal Patterson and Harald Fossberg have both written books on the beginnings and evolution of the genre. They will share stories around their books as well as pontificate on the challenges of writing about music and interviewing artists from the world of extreme metal: As Frank Zappa said: “Most rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read.” Is that really so? Find out this easter at the Inferno Music Conference at Clarion Hotel The Hub!

Dayal Patterson // Cult never dies (GB)
Harald Fossberg // RadiOrakel/Hærverk Forlag/Turbonecro (NO)

Arthur Brown: The God of Hellfire

Gunnar Sauermann delves into the illustrious career of the legendary English rock singer and songwriter, Arthur Brown. Best known for his theatrical performances and powerful operatic voice, Brown has left an indelible mark on the music world as a pioneer of shock rock and progressive rock.

Central to the discussion will be Brown’s chart-topping single “Fire,” which skyrocketed him to fame in 1968, earning him the moniker “The God of Hellfire.” With top-ten success on both sides of the Atlantic, Brown’s impact on the music scene has been immeasurable.
Furthermore, we will hear more about Brown’s recent endeavors, including his unique collaborations with Cleopatra Records and Prophecy Records, as well as the launch of his new theatrical show “A Human Perspective,” which has received great reviews.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to gain insights into the remarkable career of Arthur Brown from the man himself, in an engaging and dynamic discussion that promises to be as fiery as the man known as “The God of Hellfire.”

Interviewer: Gunnar Sauermann // Metal Hammer (DE)

Podcasts Killed the Radiostar

Join us for a discussion on the rise of podcasts over traditional media. Pedro, Antonio, Jackie, Shayan, and Frank explore censorship, indie versus corporate media, monetization, community building, and the dominance of American listeners. Moderated by Katy Irizarry we’ll strategize on expanding podcasting to a wider audience.

Podcasting, YouTube, and streaming platforms have swiftly risen to dominance, challenging traditional media. With their accessibility, versatility, and vast array of content, they offer audiences a personalized and on-demand experience that traditional media struggles to match. As listeners and viewers increasingly turn to these digital platforms, the once-dominant forms of media like radio and television face a formidable threat to their relevance and influence. The convenience of accessing podcasts and streaming services anytime, anywhere, coupled with the diverse range of content available, has propelled them to the forefront of media consumption. This shift represents a change in the media landscape, one where the power lies not only in the hands of corporations but also in the hands of individual creators and voices.

Shayan // Trivax  (IR)
Jackie Smit // Into The Necrosphere  (UK)
Pedro Almeida // A&p-REACTS (CA)
Antonio de Almeida // A&p-REACTS (CA)
Frank Godla // Metal Injection (US)
Moderator: Katy Irizarry // Suspiria PR (US)

Diversifying Revenue Streams: Beyond Music Sales

In today’s rapidly changing music industry, artists are discovering new and innovative ways to sustain their careers beyond traditional music sales. This engaging panel discussion brings together industry experts, musicians, and music business professionals to explore the diverse avenues available for artists to diversify their revenue streams. From live performances and streaming royalties to merchandise sales and sync licensing, discover the strategies and insights that can help artists thrive in a dynamic and evolving music landscape. Join us to learn how to expand your income horizons and maintain a sustainable path in the music industry.

Moderator: Frank Godla // Metal Injection (US)
Sonia Goldberg // Century Media (US)
Martin Koller // SPKR Media (US)
Andy Farrow // Northern Music (UK)

To RL or AI? That is the Question

AI is slowly but surely making its way through the creative world. And why not? It can write a book for you in minutes. Need a term paper or a ridiculous amount of research done? Chatbox has you covered. Need a screenplay on the fly? Pfff… piece of cake for AI.
How is this seemingly hostile takeover, presumably put in place to make our lives “easier”, affecting true human artists that don’t have fancy computer-powered brains (yet), but rather make their living by creating breathtaking art the old-fashioned way? Using their pure talent, personal imaginations, and human emotion.

With Inferno Metal Festival focusing more on art each year, we thought we’d take it to some of the featured artists this year, who also happen to be some of the most renowned album cover artists of some of your favorite metal albums, to hear how AI is affecting their work, their lives, and their careers and discuss what each of them are currently doing to think outside of the traditional box of what worked before to stay ahead of the growing competition of an invisible AI competitor.

This is a great panel to check out for everyone in the industry as it’s not long before AI is ever present in all aspects of the music industry. Songwriting, producing, mastering, programming, booking, etc.

Costin Chioreanu // Twilight 13 Media (RO)
David Thiérrée (FR)
Kim Diaz Holm // Den Unge Herr Holm (NO)
Nick Morte (NO)
Moderator: Erin Lynch // FlyingFox AB (SE)

Live interview with Dwaal

Editor in chief of radiOrakel Hanne Rye Hanssen will host a live interview with the newly Spellemann (Norwegian Grammys) nominated doom band Dwaal. In this conversation, they will cover how to make it on the Norwegian scene, how they all ended up in the genre, hard-earned do’s and dont’s, and an up-and-close talk about how Dwaal as a band has gotten to where they are today. Creating a space for both insight and humor, this is an interview you don’t want to miss!

Dwaal is a Norwegian sludge metal band formed in 2014. In 2020, they received acclaim for their debut album ‘Gospel of the Vile.’ The band released the follow-up in 2023, ‘Never Enough,’ which is even heavier and more doomish. The album earned them a nomination at Spellemannsprisen for the best metal album of the year. Dwaal is returning to the Inferno Metal Festival after a successful performance at Inferno 2023.

Interviewer: Hanne Rye Hanssen (radiOrakel, NO)

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Single day tickets to Saturday are now sold out. 

There are still 4 day festival passes and single day tickets to the other days left.

Indie Recordings Label Night at Salt, 27th of March! 

We are kicking off Inferno Metal Festival 2024 at SALT with Indie Recordings label night with 2 stages, a festival area, and saunas. Visit the outdoor food court for a wild twist – barbecue moose and reindeer meats over a crackling campfire!

Lineup: Jordsjuk + Oberst + Fight The Fight + Halcyon Days + Mørket

Please note that the ticket for the label night is included in your IMC delegate pass and the 4-day pass for Inferno Metal Festival

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