STATUS QUO – Official Archive Series Vol. 2

STATUS QUO – Official Archive Series Vol. 2

  • Rating: 5 / 6


Few acts are as cool and entertaining as UK legends Status Quo are, and their latest output is the second entry in their inspired Official Archive Series appropriately subtitled Vol. 2.

Captured for posterity at the hallowed 02 Arena in London back in December 2012, this one is quite special in that it marked the end of the Quo UK tour and that it included a rousing and fun-filled medley of Christmas tunes towards the end of the set – totally delightful stuff. The veterans are on grand form throughout, and everything about this nicely packaged 2CD release oozes class and enthusiasm – just pure dedication, really. The setlist is strong, the sound is vibrant and warm, the boys deliver a literal feast of infectious hooks, and the inclusion of ‘Mystery Song’ totally made my day. Yeah, this is a vigorous and convincing live document that makes me wish I was there to witness the rock ‘n’ roll spectacle during that particular festive season. Raw and honest with no overdubs anywhere in sight, which means I am friggin’ loving these two discs.

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