Introduce your band, and describe your latest release:

The Abstraction is a one man metalcore project by Will Martin (ex Rise Of Athena) based in Rotherham, UK, which started in summer 2023. The song all feature SIME from Italian band SEVENSENT on vocals for the EP ‘Projet I’ which features singles such at Phoenix, released 02/12/2023 and ‘Son’ released 22/01/24.

Won is the most recent release, following the theme of the EP surrounding emotive life experiences, which is all about the feeling around fatherhood. Something that’s super personal to me as a father of 3, and I hope that will connect with some listeners and be something they can really relate to

What’s the hardest part about being a band in this day and age?

There are 2 main factors that stand out to me. One being that the accessibility to record and produce great music from home (not that I’m complaining, I am one of those people) is great to creative people, but it does saturate the music scene, which means more bands and artists than ever are competing for the same thing. Spotify gets 1000’s of tracks uploaded every day, so you can see how hard that makes it to stand out from all those people.

Secondly is Covid. Since Covid, no one really goes out anymore, small towns are baron, and local music and gig scenes are dying out, which is such a huge shame. People only want to spend money going to see those big name artists and the locals have been left behind for sure. Which is crazy, because a handful of them are going to be the next big thing. Someone has to be!

When did you realise that your project had the potential to be much more than just a fun idea?

Well, I had an 8 year hiatus from making any music whatsoever after relocating to Rotherham and perusing a family life. So I just wanted to get back to making music again and having fun with it. But I think having that break has made me forget the old writing habits and go to phrases and made me much more creative whilst picking it all up again, And, as a result of that, some of the most interesting and diverse music I’d ever written started coming together, which is likely down to not playing and absorbing 8 years worth of new music to completely refresh my pallet! So, although as I’m maybe not quite as technically proficient as I once was, the song writing and ideas are leaps and bounds ahead of anything I’ve done before, and my technical ability is certainly catching up again quicker than I had imagined!

Tell us about your latest release, why should we check it out?

Well, as I said above, Son is just a super relatable song and means a great deal to me personally. But the range of different feels throughout the song, the crisp cleans, built ups, huge chorus, slamming breakdowns and soaring vocal range is something you won’t hear often in the scene I’m in. It’s a different sound to anything I typically hear which is what makes this such an exciting endeavour for me, and it would be amazing if people got on board with it and they enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoy writing it. If you want to hear something diverse and different, then it’s definitely for you.

How does a song typically come together for you?

My workflow can be pretty sporadic. With 2 jobs and 3 kids, the time to get music in changes week in week. Sometimes I get a couple of days, sometimes an hour for an interview a week. But, I try not to sit down and force anything. An idea will usually come to me, and I’ll end up humming it onto a voice note and talking about the ideas (anyone who hears my voice notes to myself with think I need sectioning). And from there I get to my workstation and start laying it down and building from there. But, when the idea is there, the process is usually pretty quick as it all starts flowing out and coming together! It’s the final steps that take the longest. Getting SIME the track and getting vocals back, then mixing and mastering at Monochrome Productions. All takes time. But that’s my typical workflow. The best ideas come naturally. Not trying to force melodies from nowhere.

How would you describe your sound to an unfamiliar reader?

It’s tricky, as every song has the stamp of The Abstraction’s sound and tone, but each song stands out alone with its own feel. It’s aimed to be massively diverse and interesting. But it’s definitely got the roots of modern metalcore and prog metal, but with some elements of post hardcore, rock, shoegaze and even some slamming djenty moments. Even some funk, dare I say it! My advice. Listen and see for yourself.

What do you want listeners to take away from listening to your band?

Just really feel it. Take in the sound. Listen to the lyrics and how the theme matches the music. Everything has been meticulously put together to make the theme, the vibe and the emotion really come together. It’s meant to be something people can connect with, whilst being really fun, poppy and energetic. If someone can come away feeling like it meant something, then my job is done!

Where would you really like to tour that you haven’t done so yet, and why?

Europe! I’ve done the rounds in the UK, and I do love it. But the opportunity to travel would be amazing. Or the states. The gigs and line ups they have over there are absolutely insane. Would be good to jump on one or see some killer shows while I’m out there!

How would you say that the sound of your band has progressed over the years?

Well, my earlier sound in my last band was very post hardcore. Very technical post hardcore in places, but I was very much about playing the most complex things I could and pushing my own guitar playing ability. Almost show boat I guess! But I think now, years later, my focus is completely on the song as a whole, knowing where the space needs to be, seeing the opportunity for the fun twiddly bits but ensuring the song, sound and feel overall isn’t compromised by that. It’s massively more mature and the eye to detail and composing has come so far, which is so exciting for me! I just can’t wait for this to reach further and get out there for people to hear what I’m actually capable of!

How excited are you for 2024, and what can fans expect from you?

This year is gonna be a big one. Only 1 single was released right at the end of 2023, being Phoenix, which was hugely well received and had some incredible feedback. But this year is the year it’s all coming together, the content and social media side of things is picking up, the music will be coming out leading up to and through summer, and hopefully the live shows will start to begin. Just expect a huge range of music, maybe some exciting features from artists I’m in talks with, and seeing a lot more of me for sure!

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