GOLDEN CORE – new album out

GOLDEN CORE – new album out

Golden Core’s third album “Kosmos brenner” is released today

“Kosmos Brenner” is a concept album based on the Norse worldview, where life in all its fragility arises in the eternal balance of opposites, between fire and ice, light and darkness, cold and heat, as a product of chaos and chance. Life and world order can only exist and be maintained in the balance between these enormous forces of chaos, constantly fighting each other and constantly threatening our existence. The struggle is eternal and represents the past, present and future. 

In the great abyss, Ginnungagap, the lifeless primordial Yme floats and gives birth to jotunn offspring. This threatens the balance and the gods therefore kill Yme, and from his body the world and the cosmos as we know it are created. 

“Kosmos brenner” is available on LP, CD and all digital platforms today.

Golden Core is a Norwegian-Icelandic metal duo based in Oslo, Norway. They play a mix between different genres, all though doom, prog, black and stoner metal are their main influences. Golden Core has been compared to bands like Neuroses, Kyuss, Mastodon and Mayhem.

The two young metal rockers started playing together in 2014 and have since played numerous concerts and festivals in Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Golden Core have played as supporting acts for Bongzilla (US) and Napalm Death (UK).

1. Ár var alda
2. Ginnungagap
3. Þorn af akri
4. Kosmos brenner
5. De dødes hær
6. Sól valtíva
7. Tåkeheimen
8. Sól varp sunnan

Label: Helvetes Indre Kretser

BAND MEMBERS Simen Jakobsen Harstad: Guitars, keys
Johannes Thor Sandal: Lead vocals, drums

2024: Kosmos brenner
2019: Fimbultýr
2017: Norwegian Stoner Machine

24.02.2024: Parkteatret, Oslo, Norway (10th anniversary concert)
14.03.2024 Voxhall, Århus, Denmark
15.03.2024 Posten, Odense, Denmark
16.03.2024 Studenterhuset, Aalborg, Denmark
18.10.2024 TBA, Iceland
19.10.2024 TBA, Iceland

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