MESAVERDE – releases sophomore album

MESAVERDE – releases sophomore album

Mount Fuji towers over Norwegian forests. At the top, the lovechild of Yes, Led Zeppelin, The Buggles, Korgis and Tame Impala brews up a colourful prog-rock storm. Get ready to ride the whirlwind with their sophomore album “All Is Well” from MesaVerde!

MesaVerde is a new band based in Oslo, Norway, with one foot planted in pop and another in prog. With their debut album “KY” (released in October 2022), MesaVerde showed a unique ability to produce catchy and innovative music – music shaped with profound love for strong melodies, arrangements, and a totally unique sound. The music is created and recorded by the band in their own studio

Written, produced and recorded by MesaVerde at CasaVerde in Oslo 2022/2023.
Mixed by Lars Fremmerlid at CasaVerde, except track 6 mixed by Jonas Kroon at Saga Studios.
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen.
Artwork by Maurice Pollard Verneuil.
Design by Einar Stray

The quartet consists of experienced musicians with everything from stadium concerts in Hong Kong, dusty British rock clubs, to the National Theatre among their merits. Jørgen Apeness (Sauropod, Thea & The Wild, Lazy Queen), Lars Fremmerlid (Bugge Wesseltoft,
Einar Stray Orchestra), Henrik Schmidt (Synne Sanden, Shimmering) and Jonas Lundekvam.

A selection of quotes/reviews of “KY” and MesaVerde’s music:
”Prog, indie, alternative, classic rock, blues rock, jazz – you’ll find it all on this remarkable debut; Pop song-
length and melody-oriented songwriting bring lightness to the creative genre mix. (…) ”KY” is bold and cool” – 8/10 in Rock Magazine Eclipsed (3/23 edition) ”KY” included in the list ”Albums of the year: 2022” Deichman Musikk
”Robust in every sense of the word, this disc sounds like nothing else that I have come across, and there is something uniquely surreal and dream-like about its atmosphere that really sucks me in every time I immerse
myself in its twelve inventively dynamic compositions” – on “KY” “Well played down to the last detail”

  • Rock Hard Greece on “KY” ”The music here is charmingly off kilter, filled with subtle but odd instrument details, unusual rhythms and song developments but also distinct melodies and pop music sensibilities.”

– on “KY” ” ‘Pyramid Fucksnake’ lacks dance moves but not at the expense of the genuine prog rock that drives it.
Having opened with a brief math rock section that would do justice to Pom Poko I thought I’d mistakenly tuned in to something just unearthed from the back catalogue of Yes that had never been released, from round about the time of ‘Close to the Edge’, and complete with Jon Anderson on vocals and Steve Howe on
guitar.” – Nordic Music Central on “Pyramid Fucksnake”

The debut album KY (the Japanese term for not being able to read the room) has since its release in October 2022 excited critics and listeners internationally.

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