ERIC SARDINAS – Midnight Junction

ERIC SARDINAS – Midnight Junction

  • Rating: 4.5 / 6


American blues rocker EriC Sardinas is known for his wild and electrifying albums and tours, and his new offering titled Midnight Junction, which is out via earMUSIC, perfectly summarizes and encapsulates what he and his bandmates are all about. We are talking unashamedly raw, suitably loud, and delightfully unpolished blues that packs a formidable sonic punch without losing sight of the fact that you need some good lyrics and emotive qualities in there too somewhere in order to make it truly memorable. Yeah, that is what this gritty and dynamic piece of work is all about. Things truly kick into a higher gear by the third track and the album’s best and most exhilarating moments are to be found halfway through, namely the instantly appealing ‘Said and Done’ and the deceptively dark ‘Planks of Pine’. The latter possesses one of the best endings to a tune that I have heard in ages. A couple of cuts toward the end of the disc are slightly less memorable than the others, but overall, this is one great and rewarding listen.

It sounds like these guys recorded everything live in a barn or garage somewhere remote with the amps cranked up high, and I absolutely love its organic vibe. Why on earth should you not check this slab of modern blues rock with a wicked twist and a lot of charm out?

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