INNERSPEHRE – new single out

INNERSPEHRE – new single out

INNERSPHERE reflects the decline of society in their new single

INNERSPHERE, under the label Music Records, is releasing their first single from the upcoming album “In the Shadow of the Sun,” set to be released in mid-March. The live performance was captured by Marek “Frodys” Pytlík at Brutal Assault festival.

The Pilsen-based death metal band put a lot of effort into the entire album, which is evident in the extended period they worked on it. Guitarist and vocalist Míra explains the concept the band used for the first single: “The song ‘The Trident is Burning’ differs from the rest of the album in the impulse behind its creation. The entire song was written on February 25, 2022, in response to the new war conflict in Europe and the shock it brought. It is disheartening that society and humanity as a whole have not learned from history and do not hesitate to commit atrocities, participate in wars, and spread disillusionment and despair among people instead of building a better society and environment for all of us to live in. I wonder where understanding and constructive discussions have disappeared. Everyone blindly believes in anything they are massaged with by the media and social networks. Some blindly fight for nonsense and believe in half-truths or complete nonsense, contributing to the ‘mincer’ of anger and divisions physically or in further spreading it across society. Unfortunately, this is happening on a global scale. I wish the world was better place, and people could finally take a step forward.”

Music video:

As Míra anticipates, the third album by the band INNERSPHERE will carry a very serious tone. Elaborate death metal melodies and impactful rhythms accompany dark messages that correspond to current events in the world: “Trident is a pompous and yet cumbersome, aggressive composition, a lament not only for today’s days. We constantly follow our idols and their narratives, whether political, religious, populist… shamelessly marching into the jaws of death and admiring ancient conquerors. Is there any virtue in that? Or a future? I don’t think so. And yet, we witness it every day,” Míra concludes with despair in his voice.

To at least conclude the article with something positive: Shortly after the album’s release, the band is preparing for a small concert tour, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Germany.


Míra Litomerický – guitars, lead vocals

Lukáš Mai – guitar, vocals

Marek Hubocky – bass guitar, vocals

Filip Wintr – drums

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