ORSAK:OSLO – new album out

ORSAK:OSLO – new album out

Swedish/Norwegian post-rock and dark psych collective ORSAK:OSLO have released their new album “In Irons” on Vinter Records. Stream it in full now!

“A great post-rock band will clearly stand out as being something truly unique and Orsak:Oslo fit the bill.” – Everything Is Noise

“Five instrumental pieces that embrace a musical landscape that vibrates the air with an emotionality that swings between sombre and contemplating moods.” The Sleeping Shaman

“With its grinding nature and dystopian themes, this album is a compelling departure from the expected.” Echoes And Dust

“In Irons is an impressive piece of instrumentalism, because it grabs the attention from the get-go and keeps it all the way to the end.” Weirdo Shrine


Stream ORSAK:OSLO’s new album at this location

Orsak:Oslo is one of those hidden gems, always grinding, always perfecting the imperfections. The underground yet highly prolific four-piece’s music is an intriguing blend of post-rock, modern psychedelia and krautrock. Their sophomore album “In Irons” will enchant the pickiest ears with its dreamy, rich and intense sound, reminiscent of the darkest Scandinavian nights while still letting their sound gleam with warmth and their own form of magic. 

on Vinter Records (vinyl/digital)
and Evil Noise Recordings (cassette)

Orsak:Oslo was founded by guitarist Christian Andersson from Gothenburg, Sweden and drummer Øyvind Minsaas from Oslo, Norway. In the summer of 2014, they released their first EP “Torggata Sway”, named after the street where they first met and ended up sharing a flat. Soon after they got a hold on Bjarne Karlsson (keys, now guitar). The final lineup was established in 2016, when Peter Nilsson joined on bass.

After no less than nine EP releases, March 2019 saw the prolific foursome issue their eponymous debut album on the German label Kapitaen Platte. Inspired by the monotony and melancholy of the darkness that the nordic winter brings, Orsak:Oslo craft an intriguing brew of psych, dystopian post-rock and krautrock. An unholy marriage between impulsive improv and thoughtful composition, later melodies and new harmonies are carefully woven in, layer by layer. With reverence and underlying devotion to the aura and musical preconditions laid down from the start, the result is raw, unpolished and true. Their upcoming sophomore album “In Irons” will be released on April 27th through Vinter Records.



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