TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY FEST – first edition approaching

TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY FEST – first edition approaching

The first international TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY FEST is coming!


May 5-6, 2023 @ Czech republic, Prague – Futurum Music Club (

FB event:

In just three weeks, on 5 and 6 May 2023, the first international TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY Fest will take place in Prague’s Futurum club. This event, whose name is given by a well-known underground label from India, is exceptional because it will feature sixteen primarily death and black metal bands from twelve (!) European countries over two days. This is definitely an unprecedented event within the international participation, not only in Prague, and such an interesting and exclusive line-up on top of that.

The festival will feature CUTTERRED FLESH and GODLESS TRUTH from Czech republic, CRAWL from Sweden, CRYPTS OF DESPAIR and SISYPHEAN from Lithuania, DE PROFUNDIS from England, DEVENIAL VERDICT from Finland, DISKORD from Norway, DYSGNOSTIC from Denmark, MONUMENT OF MISANTROPY from Austria, ORPHALIS and VORGA from Germany, THE SCALAR PROCESS and VIANDE from France, VOMITHEIST from Switzerland and 71TONMAN from Poland will be the only representative of sludge/doom metal.

And where did the name TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY Fest come from? All the bands are united by their agile label, Transcending Obscurity Records, who together with CUTTERRED FLESH is the organizer of the festival.

71TONMAN (Poland) – Sludge/Doom Metal
CRAWL (Sweden) – Death Metal
CRYPTS OF DESPAIR (Lithuania) – Death Metal
CUTTERRED FLESH (Czech Republic) – Brutal Death Metal
DE PROFUNDIS (UK) – Death Metal
DEVENIAL VERDICT (Finland) – Atmospheric/Dissonant Death Metal
DISKORD (Norway) – Death Metal
DYSGNOSTIC (Denmark) – Dissonant Death Metal
GODLESS TRUTH (Czech Republic) – Technical Death Metal
ORPHALIS (Germany) – Brutal/Technical Death Metal
SISYPHEAN (Lithuania) – Dissonant Black Metal
THE SCALAR PROCESS (France) – Technical Death Metal
VIANDE (France) – Dark Death Metal
VOMITHEIST (Switzerland) – Death Metal
VORGA (Germany) – Black Metal

Ticket for both days of the festival is 549 CZK (approx €23,5) in pre-sale and 599 CZ (approx €25,5) at the door.

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