OCEANS ON ORION – debut album out

OCEANS ON ORION – debut album out

‘Start from Nothing’ is the debut album of Israeli modern rockers, Oceans on Orion. Standing at the melting point of multiple genres, audiences, and generations, Oceans on Orion unique blend of 80s golden era guitar-vocals, modern riffing, and powerful stage performance, packs a punch and a promise for old school metallers, emo kids new and old, as well as heavier music lovers.

The 9 song release was preceded by 5 singles released in 2022-2023, featuring the anthemic,  “Tomorrows Rain”, and “Weaponized Misery”, a powerful duet with Ran Yerushalmi, from fellow Israeli Alt-metal band, Walkways.

Listen to the album here: https://orcd.co/start-from-nothing-album

Album tracklist:

Start From Nothing

Weaponized Misery

Tomorrow’s Rain

The Flaw

Indifferent Light



Killing The Messenger

Confront Yourself 

Thematically, the album explores relationships – with oneself, with a partner, with authority, and with expectations. While some songs scream into the void, expressing the frustration and heightened emotions these subjects invoke, others offer encouragement, motivation, and more often than not, a challenge.

One such moment is the very opening line of the album, “If you’re too scared to start from nothing, nothing is all that you deserve”. It dares us to take the offensive, to turn the tables, to de-victimize ourselves and build “a life worth living, come together, on the broken pieces of our past.” as taken from the closing track, “Confront yourself”. 

With standout tracks like “Tomorrow’s Rain”, Start from Nothing,” “Love,” and “Weaponized Misery” the album showcases lead singer Lev Kerzhner’s powerhouse vocals, and the band’s songwriting versatility.


This record has been a labor of love, with years of writing, rehearsing, and refining going into every song. The band members poured their hearts and souls into every note, striving to create something that truly reflects who they are as artists and people.


A must-listen for fans of Modern Metal, Emo, Alternative, and 80s golden era metal.

Artwork by Pierre-Alain D. // 3mmi Design, whose mesmerizing art perfectly accompanies our album and its vibes.

‘Start From Nothing’ was produced and recorded by Lev Kerzhner, XIN, Aviram Zeevy, Guy Schwartz, Sergei Metalheart, and Omer Logan Cohen.

Mixed by: Yonatan Kossov

Mastered by: Matej Gobec (The Cosmosonic Studios)




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