KORNMO – Vandring

KORNMO – Vandring

BAND URL: https://kornmo1.bandcamp.com/album/vandring

Symphonic prog rockers Kornmo impressed me greatly with their previous output, Fimbulvinter (2021), and this latest effort of theirs titled Vandring is in many ways a continuation of its predecessor from a musical and stylistic point of view.

Beautiful melodies and strong arrangements coupled with excellent musicianship and a bright sound make for a most enjoyable listen where mental images of Scandinavian woods, fjords, and mountains are evoked. An LP that is as wide and epic in scope as this one obviously lends itself well to reflection, contemplation, and long solitary walks, but on top of that, this is the kind of thing that is to be digested and listened to in one sitting.

Vandring is indeed a small journey or odyssey of sorts that ebbs and flows nicely and offers a good mixture of calm, meditative segments and heavier, brooding ones. A fine example of how powerful instrumental prog rock can be.

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