OCEANS OF ANGELS – releases debut EP

OCEANS OF ANGELS – releases debut EP

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South Africa Alternative Indie Pop Rock Project Oceans of Angels is back with The Gift (the sensational debut EP by sonic extraordinaire Sheldon Horvatic) Produced by Matthew Fink

Founder, Guitarist & Vocalist Sheldon Horvatic shares that “I wrote this body of work from my heart and it’s about the rollercoaster of love and life. It is true to me, and I hope it resonates with other people too. The Gift includes the previously released singles ‘Shattered Soldier’ and ‘Still On Fire’. The EP speaks of heartache and difficulties, but my main message is the title track, ‘The Gift’ which is about putting your own emotions behind the importance of somebody else’s. I wrote this with the thought of loving someone so much that you leave the situation instead of ever hurting them, I don’t think people do this enough – if we truly love somebody, it’s about them not us. A huge thank you to Matthew Fink for working on this EP with me, it wouldn’t have been possible without him.”

Our contributing reviewer Asher Locketz has the following to say about ‘The Gift’
Rating 4.5/6

Scintillating, sumptuous and fraught with a message of selflessness, the latest EP by Oceans Of Angels from South Africa sparkles with incandescent splendour and heartfelt compassion. Consisting of six sparkling tracks that run the gamut from personal introspection, heartbreak and self-ownership to empathic reflection, ‘The Gift’ is a glistening exercise in what it means to be human. Courtesy of musical mastermind Sheldon Horvatic, Oceans Of Angels specialise in the type of lilting, evocative and emotive Indie Rock-Pop that will undoubtedly appeal to folk that pine for music that mines the depths of mind and being in the form of glossy, immaculately produced song craft. Featuring the previously released singles; the rousing “Shattered Soldier” and “Still On Fire”, ‘The Gift’ is completed by four pieces of equally celestial song craft that imprint themselves upon ones heart with delicate melodies, rolling rhythms and infectious vocals.

Beginning with the blissfully disarming heft and swagger of “Loaded Gun”, a song that hinges upon self-awareness in the face of interpersonal strife, ‘The Gift’ begins in a suitably bittersweet fashion. Beginning with a swath of jangling guitars and progressing on a melancholic trajectory, ‘’Loaded Gun’’ is equal parts The Cure, The Smiths and Arctic Monkeys.

By now we all know the smash hit that is “Shattered Soldier”. With its shimmering plucked notes, plodding tempo, sorrowful reverie and searing chorus this shuffling confluence between ballad and bluster pulls upon the heartstrings with unbridled immediacy.

Title track ‘The Gift’  feeds into the overall sonic tapestry with its poignant morass of glowing melodies and woeful vocals. This song is a lovelorn labyrinth in which letting go is described as the only way of moving forward. Whether it’s the jangling chords, the softly strummed notes or the up-tempo rhythms that are peppered within this track, every sonic element herein is primed to evoke feeling.

“Carnival” calls upon every lighter toting audience member as the stadium is set ablaze in a swaying morass of glittering flames. Undoubtedly “Carnival” poised to be another crowd pleaser in arenas everywhere.

With its funky rhythm, heart wrenching chorus and sensitive crescendo “Still On Fire” is corrosive emotion for kleptomaniacs. There is no doubt why this gentle piece of sonic craftsmanship is a hit.

Ending the proceedings is the ethereal burst of stardust that is “Only An Echo” which further solidifies Oceans Of Angels as an entity that create music of the most lilting, delicate, nuanced and evocative manner.

Available on all platforms on Friday the 17th of Feb, be sure to keep your eyes peeled and ears open for ‘The Gift’ by Oceans Of Angels > https://linktr.ee/oceansofangels

Sheldon shares the following insights from The Gift …

Loaded Gun is a song I wrote about self-reflection; it speaks about personal issues that end up hurting other people. Sometimes we must fix ourselves and nobody can help with that unfortunately. The song is an apology.

Shattered Soldier is a song I wrote and released as my debut single early in 2022, but it is still the closest song to me. I wrote the song about giving your all and feeling rejected by someone and from there I tried to work on myself and I realised that my struggles are mostly caused by myself. I wrote the rest of the EP based on the emotion of Shattered Soldier and I tried to embrace all the emotions that brought that up within myself. Shattered Soldier was basically me feeling sorry for myself, but the EP sort of turned into more of an apology, especially in the tracks ‘Loaded Gun’ and ‘The Gift’.

The title track The Gift is probably the most meaningful song personally I’ve written to date. It’s based on loving someone so much that you choose to not damage them by removing yourself from the situation even though that hurts you. Loving someone so much that it isn’t about you. 

Carnival is about growing up, but still feeling like a child at heart when it comes to hurt and the need to feel loved. Strength comes from within us, and I guess that’s always the battle.

I wrote Still On Fire about the internal battle of exterior love. Tormenting and driving yourself crazy, based on the hopes a relationship will fulfil you, but never does. The lyrics cry out for a love hoping that ‘We are still on fire’, but realistically it’s more about the demons we create within ourselves. I imagine nobody can love you until you love yourself.

I wrote Only An Echo about loving and opening yourself up to someone knowing you are giving them power over your heart and accepting it may hurt in the end. It’s about the gamble of love, I guess.

Oceans of Angels is an Alternative Indie Pop Rock Band from South Africa. The band was formed in 2021 by Sheldon Horvatic, who started his career playing drums at the age of 9, and soon after mastered several additional instruments. Sheldon played drums and guitar for various South African bands in his youth, then left home to travel the world on ships, exploring and experiencing various countries and inspirational cultures. During this time sailing the oceans, Sheldon was enthused to write numerous songs, and the concept for Oceans of Angels was born.

Sheldon plays as Oceans of Angels with a band of seasoned musicians.

Oceans of Angels unleashed their debut single and video ‘Shattered Soldier’ on 23 March 2022 to critical acclaim, achieving radio charting potions in South Africa, Australia, and the UK. In May 2022 Sheldon got an opportunity to play several shows in London, taking Oceans of Angels on the road for the first time. Shortly thereafter, Oceans of Angels released their sophomore single ‘Still on Fire’ on 24 June (produced, mixed, and mastered by Matthew Fink, who also worked on ‘Shattered Soldier’). Oceans of Angels will release their debut EP ‘The Gift’ on Friday 17 February.





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