KENNY HUGHES – new single out

KENNY HUGHES – new single out

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South African travelling Blues Rock Singer-Songwriter Kenny Hughes is back with his new single ‘Midnight Man’ (Produced By & Featuring EVERT SNYMAN). Kenny shares that “I got the idea for ‘Midnight Man’ when I was briefly living in Bloemfontein. It was ahead of a festival ‘Rockin Bloem’, and I had a few friends over joining me at the fest. Whilst sitting around I strummed a few chord progressions and randomly sang what would become the chorus, ‘I’m a midnight man’. My good friend Phillru Van Achterbergh told me he liked the sound of that. Coupled with the chord progression and funky rhythm, he suggested I roll with it. The song was complete not long after. That’s essentially what the song is about, the fact that I do most of my best work after midnight. When the rest of the world is asleep, our creativity as musicians keeps us awake. As with most of my singles to date, ‘Midnight Man’ was recorded at Pariah Studios alongside the one and only Evert Snyman. The two of us made it what it is today.”

Kenny Hughes ‘Midnight Man’ Single Review By Asher Locketz
Rating: 5/6

Kenny Hughes creates Blues-Rock that simmers with the type of splendour rooted in that which is both world-weary and fraught with wonder. The raw grit of life experience, travel and depth is etched into his music much like ancient litanies carved into slabs of marble.

Using Blues-Rock as a vehicle to portray emotion, perspective and poignant sentimentality Kenny Hughes has garnered umlauts of praise and recognition. As a six-year veteran of his craft this travelling bluesman has graced many a stage with his heartfelt and rugged Blues-Rock.

‘’Midnight Man” is a prime example of the sumptuous and sedate Blues Mr Hughes is known for. Like a single malt whiskey in a crystal glass, “Midnight Man” sparkles with amber luminosity and comes across as a finely aged bourbon.

The swaying rhythms, rolling melodies and earthy vocals that constitute this catchy piece of scrumptious songcraft take one on a journey through windswept prairies, ramshackle backcountry roads and cracked black asphalt beneath bright blue skies.

Beginning with a lilting melody and evolving into a midtempo paean to sovereignty and struggle fraught with a lush swath of crackling chords and vocals threaded through with yearning “Midnight Man” will envelop you in its lavish embrace for the entirety of its runtime.

Peppered with a propulsive solo midway through its runtime and an increase in tempo this finely tuned slab of smoulder progresses on a dynamic sonic trajectory which ensures that it captivates from beginning to end.

As Hughes opines “I’m a midnight man, I do what I want when I can” one can feel the emotion reverberating from his vocals in a searing fashion.

Highly suggested, “Midnight Man” will be available for your listening pleasure on the 3rd of February. Be sure to keep your ears peeled!

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