WILDNESS – Resurrection

WILDNESS – Resurrection

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An excellent slab of melodic rock courtesy of the Swedish outfit Wildness is what you and I are going to discuss ever so briefly here, and you know what? I will kick things off by stating that Resurrection is a hugely enjoyable listen and a well-composed collection of tunes that occasionally recall Journey and to a lesser extent Toto but with big, tasty riffs that would make Def Leppard proud.  

Boasting strong melodies, an impressive arsenal of great hooks, and a crisp and punchy sound, this offering is relatively straightforward but efficient as hell and full of atmosphere. From the fiery barnstormer that is ‘Release the Beast’ to the earworm named ‘Tragedy’ and further on to the two passionate delights known as ‘The One and Only’ and ‘Fading Sun’, this is a spirited take on the melodic rock genre and a proper kick up the ass in so many ways. Dynamic is definitely an adjective that ought to be added here. The moving ballad titled ‘Dawn of Forever’ is an emotionally charged piece that also stands out while album closer ‘Eternity Will Never Fall’ is full of gorgeous harmonies and a suitably epic way to round things off. I have a certain affinity for the melancholy ‘Love Resurrection’ where everything simply gels perfectly – from the superb vocals to the memorable guitar solo.  

There is something uplifting and arguably even refreshing about Resurrection that is incredibly attractive to these ears, and this terrific album ought to be added to every rock fan’s playlist.

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