BLODHEMN – new single from upcoming album

BLODHEMN – new single from upcoming album

On the 7th October, Dark Essence Records will release the album “Sverger Hemn” from BLODHEMN, the project from multi-instrumentalist Invisus that sees the Norwegian musician  apply his trademark aggressive sound to what will be BLODHEMN’s fourth full-length album. Only this time he has expanded that sound to produce an album that mixes Black Metal and Thrash with a well-judged serving of Rock’n’Roll.

And, whilst waiting for “Sverger Hemn” to hit the streets, fans can hear a second track from the album, courtesy of Dark Essence Records, who have today released the single “Velg Din Gift”, which can be downloaded or streamed from a variety of services at:

Or alternatively on YouTube

About the track, Invisus had this to say:

“Velg Din Gift” is loosely based on the quote “find what you love and let it kill you”, or, pick your favourite poison so to speak. A rock n’ roll fuelled track about self-destruction and hell raising!” 

On “Sverger Hemn” Invisus draws  his inspiration from the area of Norway he knows best – Holmengraa on the island of Fedje.  Indeed, both visually and musically the material on the album is a natural progression from BLODHEMN’s previous releases, and explores aspects of being taken by the sea and of drowning. 

Whilst, with his use of different kinds of vocals and keyboards in order to explore various elements,  Invisus has, without a doubt, left his comfort zone on a couple of the tracks on “Sverger Hemn”, he has ensured that BLODHEMN still remains true to the essence of Black Metal on an album that has been a long-time in the making.

Once again Invisus plays every single instrument and handles the vocals on “Sverger Hemn”, with the drums being recorded in 2020 at the Conclave & Earshot Studio, and the rest of the instruments and vocals recorded at the Over Evne Studio.  BORKNAGAR’s Øystein G. Brun handled the mixing and mastering which was done at  the  Crosound Studio.

With artwork by Misantropic Art, tracklisting for ” Sverger Hemn” is as follows:

  1. Fraa Djupet…
  2. Vil Livet av Deg
  3. Bomb Bergen
  4. Farvel Feioey
  5. Opp or Lemmen
  6. Velg Din Gift
  7. Tid

“Sverger Hemn” will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition Transparent Blue Vinyl formats, and is now available to pre-order from:

North American Webshop:

The next schedule live appearances for BLODHEMN are as follows:

Sat 10 Sept: Stereo, Bergen, Norway
Details at

Fri 30 Sept: Rock In, Oslo, Norway
Details at

Fri 21 Oct: Black & Heavy Nights Festival, Ovenpaa, Kopervik, Norway
Details at:
(also appearing will be Dark Essence Records label-mates ALFAHANNE)

More  information about BLODHEMN can be found on Facebook at or on the band’s website at

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