BLOOD DEATH PLAGUE – Røverstaden, Oslo

BLOOD DEATH PLAGUE – Røverstaden, Oslo

Saturday March 26th
Tickets 350,-

Come witness a night of unholy black and death metal! Exclusive releasegigs by Blood Red Throne and Doedsvangr. With special guest Svarttjern and Ruun as support.

Norwegian death metal kings, BLOOD RED THRONE, celebrates 21 years in the scene and Mighty Music will release their 9th album, Fit To Kill, in 2019 with following live shows to support their best album so far. The band was started by still remaining member, Daniel “Død” Olaisen, when he played in Satyricon in the 90’s. Original drummer, Freddy «Fred the Shred» Bolsø, returned in 2013 and Ivan “Meathook” Gujic, Ole “Hellbent” Madsen and Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen have been in the team the last 7-8 years. Stian «Gunner» Gundersen has recently been replaced as their new bass player. BLOOD RED THRONE is known for their energetic and connecting live-shows and has toured many parts of the world the last 18 years. Both as headliners but also on support tours with Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Suffocation, Cryptopsy…to name a few. They have done big festivals as Wacken, Hellfest, Bloodstock, 70.000 Tons of Metal and many more.

DOEDSVANGR was foundedin 2014 by Doedsadmiral, in order to express raw brutality through the music. He set the bar high onto desired people to work with. Shortly thereafter Anti Christian from Tsjuder joined on drums, and later infamous Shatraug fullfilled the vision of Doedsvangr. The debut album was written, entitled Satan Ov Suns.The album sounds like the perfect blend of Black metal from Finland and Norway incorporated. The name Doedsvangr means 2 different things. Fields of death, and deadwomb. Doedsvangr signed a contract with Immortal Frost Productions in 2015 and the debut album “Satan Ov Suns” was released in 2017 on CD and Vinyl to great reviews by the media and fans. In 2019 BST,known from The Order Of Apollyon, ex Aosoth, joined on guitar, and the band started writing the follow up album to Satan Ov Suns. The new album is entitled Serpents Ov Old, and will be released late 2021. Doedsvangr also signed a new record deal with legendary Debemur Morti Productions and agency Flaming Arts, to take the band to the stage.

SVARTTJERN was formed by HansFyrste and HaaN as a two man project in 2003. Later that same year Skabb, Grimdun and Fjellnord were taken in to the band. Over the next years two demos were recorded, but SVARTTJERN were still working towards their own sound, so not much time were given to the demos after the recordings. In 2007, SVARTTJERN parted ways with Skabb, and Terror came in on the bass.. The band was now ready to record a three track demo, to finally show the sound they had been working on for so many years. ‘Demo 07’ was only sent out to labels, and printed in very few numbers for sale. The debut album, Misanthropic Path of Madness, was released on the 13 of February 2009 on Schwerzdorn Production, and reached great feedback and reviews. .Later in 2011 Svarttjern released their second album “Towards the Ultimate” on Agonia Records. In 2014 they released their third full-length album, “Ultimatum Necrophilia” which made Svartjern’s track list even more brutal. 2014 was still giving Svarttjern more aknowledgement within the metal scene, and managed to get on tour with some of the most iconic bands within the scene, Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Inquisition and In Solitude. After finishing the tour and releasing Ultimatum Necrophilia, Svarttjern was eager to get back to making a new album and give the world more brutality and hell. 2015 sent a lot of happenings towards Svarttjern, including a change in record label from Noise Art Record to Soulseller Records, the making of a new record, Sgt.V had to quit the band for personal reasons and the recruitment of a new bass player, Malphas. In 2016 Svarttjern proudly presented their new fourth full-length album, “Dødsskrik”, and is prepared to wreck havoc yet again. In 2020 Svarttjern presented their fifth offering in “Shame Is just A Word” to great critiques from both the press and fans alike.

Ruun er en death metal trio dannet i Hønefoss (2017). De slapp sin debut-EP «Atheos» i 2019 og er i studio nå for å fullføre sin første fullengder «Impermanence». Musikken er deathmetal i fundamentet men med hint av andre undersjangere. Brutalitet og sår nakke står på menyen deres den 26. mars.

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