EXTINCTION A.D. release new album

EXTINCTION A.D. release new album

Photo credit: Pieter van den Berg

Culture of Violence is the new album from US metal legends Extinction A.D.

The album follows the EP Chaos, Collusion, Carnage & Propaganda, Extinction A.D.‘s first release on Unique Leader, and the first new music from the band since 2018’s full-length Decimation Treaty. The four tracker also features a cover of the Sepultura classic ‘Propaganda’.

On the new record, Extinction A.D. comment: Culture Of Violence is the album we’ve been in the process of creating since 2015. This is the record where we can firmly say with confidence, ‘This is what XAD is all about!” The recording and releasing process has always been behind our songwriting by a few years, so the previous material was outdated to us before we even went in to record it. On this album, we moulded ideas for years as well as the fact that we never stopped writing, so everything is fresh and capturing us in this moment. Musically, lyrically, thematically and visually, this record is a heavy experience and a savage interpretation of what we’ve all witnessed and experienced over the past few years.”

Watch the video to ‘Mastic’ here:

Pre-order Culture of Violence here: https://orcd.co/cultureofviolence
Formed in 2013 in Long Island US, Extinction A.D.  are an intense metal band with modern power and frenetic energy. The band have released two full-lengths and an EP, and have shared stages with the likes of Obituary, Thy Art is Murder, Havok, Municipal Waste, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus KvelertaHarm’s Way and more.
So many different worlds shaped this band; from writers like Alan Moore and George Orwell; lyricists like Wreak Havoc and Chuck D; to directors like Tarantino and John Carpenter. But musically, Extinction A.D. hook up a tube of early 90s era of metal into their veins. Not just bands like Machine Head and Pantera, but the often overlooked 90s offerings from Testament, Sepultura and Slayer.
Thrashing just as hard as their predecessors, the band also break their surroundings down and deliver some heavy as hell riotous mosh; hitting that all-important sweet spot mixture of 80s thrash, 90s extreme metal and New York hardcore, all encompassed into their new LP.

Extinction A.D. are:
Rick Jimenez – vocals/guitar
Ian Cimaglia – lead guitars
Tom Wood – bass
Mike Sciulara – drums

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