Acid Magus release anticipated new album Wyrd Syster

Acid Magus release anticipated new album Wyrd Syster

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South African Heavy psych experimentalists Acid Magus release anticipated new album Wyrd Syster


In the faint light that separates dreams from reality, lies from truth and heaven from hell, lives the Acid Magus. Meditating, surrounded by darkness and light, energizing the air with electric anticipation. Come forward and listen, stay awhile, there are no sins…

Acid Magus is an experimental rock outfit from Pretoria, South Africa. Their debut album, Wyrd Syster is here and heaving with fuzzy guitars, fat bass lines and thunderous drums, as has come to be expected from the four-piece. Doom, stoner, punk, psych, and classic rock are all common themes. As huge fans of the rock greats (Zeppelin, Sabbath), stoner/desert rock behemoths (Kyuss, Sleep) as well as the tripped out psychedelic stylings of modern "psych" bands like Slift.

Acid Magus take us on a journey with highs, lows and plenty heaviness. While still maintaining that signature psychedelic, experimental approach, the band take a somewhat darker turn in thematically and metaphorically addressing the trials of womanhood.





Intended to be listened to in one sitting, the 7 tracks flow from song to song and evoke a bevy of emotions as the band deftly nudges the listener in every which way without it feeling jarring.

Expect the 44 min long album to pass by in a flash as you are immersed in the striking and beautiful world that is the psyche of the Acid Magus.


Buy / Stream Wyrd Syster out now on Mongrel Records

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