Torn Between Two Worlds (ft Sarah Jezebel Deva and Chris Rehn) – new video out

Torn Between Two Worlds (ft Sarah Jezebel Deva and Chris Rehn) – new video out


TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS releases new video

Torn Between Two Worlds,(Featuring Sarah Jezebel Deva and Chris Rehn) have released a touching video for their song "All Eyes On Me". The video features fans and friends of the band singing along with the song.

Sarah commented  "The video and song is about how we are judged, how we let negativity hold us back. How people’s vindictive actions can change our path in life, sometimes resulting in the worst possible outcome. As an example, online bullying and trolling can take its toll on children, which has lead to an increase in child suicide.


I wanted a bunch of people to come together without a fear of being judged. I wanted people to be themselves and not give a damn. It seems these days we are afraid of being stupid, afraid of just letting ourselves go!

From experience, I have let peoples views get the better of me, we all have. Being told I wasn’t good enough, being dictated to so it holds me back and destroying my dream. Suddenly something or someone wakes you up, some one woke me up, followed by a lot of other people agreeing with her and then supporting me. You learn not to give a damn anymore and you understand that confidence is envied. Don’t hurt any one or anything, but don’t let nastiness destroy you."

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Watch the video for the duo’s previous song "The Beauty of Deception":