Artwork by Lucile Lejoly en Toffey

Roadburn Redux

Roadburn Festival has announced news of the 2021 upcoming edition. This year, the festival will be taking place in an unfamiliar format – but it will still retain the hallmarks of what makes the usual editions a must-attend event. This edition got the name Roadburn Redux to reflect the changes to this year’s festival. There will be exclusive performances live at the 013 venue which will be broadcast around the world via our purpose-built Roadburn Redux platform which includes a real-time live blog. In between those shows will be a whole programme of premieres and special performances – everything you experience will be exclusive –  more news on that will be coming soon.



Roadburn Redux is available to attend on a ‘pay what you like’ basis, from anywhere in the world. Head to for more information and RSVP below.




Dead Neanderthals – performing IXXO
Die Wilde Jagd – performing Atem
Dirk Serries – performing Epitaph
Gold – performing This Shame Should Not Be Mine
Jo Quail – performing The Cartographer
Neptunian Maximalism – performing Set Chaos To The Heart of The Moon
Of Blood and Mercury – performing The Other Side of Death
Radar Men From the Moon – performing Thus Spoke The Beholder
Solar Temple – performing The Great Star Above Provides
TDC Inc. – performing Corporate
The Nest – performing Her True Nature

Svart Sessions

Think The Old Grey Whistle Test on acid; imagine a Jools Holland psychedelic special and you’ll be heading in the right direction. The Svart Sessions will feature brand new signings and established artists delivered right into your home this April.

Dust Mountain
Hexvessel – performing Dawnbearer
Kairon; Irse! – performing Polysomn
Polymoon – performing Catterpillars of Creation Iterum Nata
A Secret Collaboration


Autarkh – performing Form In Motion (collaboration with Paradox Tilburg)
Die Wilde Jagd – performing Haut
Emptiness – performing Vide
Plague Organ – performing Orphan (collaboration with Le Gues Who?)

Those waiting for refunds on their tickets haven’t been forgottena dn willr eceive news soon about that process