Atomic Rocket Seeders release their first album

Atomic Rocket Seeders release their first album


Luxembourgian metal band  Atomic Rocket Seeders release their first album

Metal from Luxembourg – something that was only known to a few insiders in the metal scene, is now establishing itself in the international music world. Atomic Rocket Seeders enriches this genre of music with an alternative style.

The energetic performances of the band from Luxembourg, not just in their own country, but also in Germany and France, are greeted with great enthusiasm by festival visitors. The Power Trio became known to a larger audience in 2018 when it was named Luxembourg’s best metal band at the Metal Battle. This was followed by an appearance at the world’s largest heavy metal festival Wacken in Germany. Atomic Rocket Seeders received very positive reviews in international music magazines. The band won other national music competitions.

As the opening act for the world-famous US Nu-Metal band LIMP BIZKIT in July 2019 in the Rockhall in Luxembourg, Atomic Rocket Seeders was just as impressive as the opening act for JOLLY, a very successful American progressive / alternative rock band. Their success lies in their unpredictable songwriting, which would be aptly described as Fusion Metal. In fact, elements from blues to jazz to hard rock flow into the music of the trio and thus result in an incomparable metal sound. Atomic Rocket Seeders’ music is indeed part of the Alternative Metal genre.


On October 30th the band releases their debut album 

An album of ten often very different songs, with surprising rhythm and style changes within individual pieces. The lyrics are often socially critical. However, some texts also describe emotional aspects of life.

The first single "Eternal Ashes" was presented on October 16 as a video clip on popular platforms:


The video is a musical appetizer for the album and immediately proves the versatility and artistic sophistication of the trio.

Atomic Rocket Seeders sets an example: perfect symbiosis of metal and environmental friendliness.The fact that the covers of CD and LP are made from recycled paper is now a must for environmentally conscious musicians.


Atommic Rocket Seeders goes one step further: The LPs, which are known to be made of petroleum-based vinyl, are produced in a factory known as "the Greenest Vinyl Pressing Plant on this planet". Absolutely environmentally friendly, without compromising on quality and sound.

 Both the LPs themselves and the packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. The printing inks used are biodegradable. Production and packaging exclusively with green energies. And deliveries are 100% CO2-neutral worldwide.

 As a consequence, the band shirts that will be available in merchandising are also made from environmentally friendly, high-quality organic materials.