W:O:A buys forest in Wacken! Additional commitment to protect biospheres

W:O:A buys forest in Wacken! Additional commitment to protect biospheres

Photo Credit: ICS Festival Service GmbH


W:O:A invests in Wacken and buys forest on festival ground   

Wacken Open Air started the commitment to protect the world’s forests in December 2019. Together with fans and WWF Germany an area of the size of the infield has already been reforested in the Brazilian rainforest. This cooperation for habitat conservation is currently being renewed.     

With the purchase of a forest located on the festival site in Wacken, W:O:A recently extended this endeavor in Germany. As an important contribution to the future, the plan sees to prepare the approximately 8 hectares of forest for the effects of climate change and at the same time integrate it carefully and sustainably into the festival.     

For W:O:A, the additional investment in native forests is not only an expansion of the festival ground with an exciting additional area, but also the significant protection of a valuable ecosystem for the future.

Sustainability matters! In cooperation with Forest Gum, a special W:O:A chewing gum has been produced, which is made from renewable, biodegradable raw materials and is not only environmentally friendly, plastic-free and tasty. On top it also makes another valuable contribution to the future: For every pack sold, a new tree is being planted. Forest Gum online: www.forestgum.de/editions

More information about Wacken Open Air can be found at wacken.com.

About Wacken Open Air:           
Wacken Open Air is the worldwide largest heavy metal festival. Founded in 1990, its original attendance of 800 visitors has grown to more than 75,000 fans from all around the globe each year. For a handful of days, the village of Wacken with its roughly 2,000 inhabitants is turning into the third largest city of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The ICS Festival Service GmbH as long-standing festival organiser is combining music related business areas such as band management, the "Wacken Foundation", tour booking, music publishing, metal travel, merchandising, and ticketing. In cooperation with diverse partner companies, this network is the source of creative solutions and ideas that revolutionise each visitor’s festival experience, creates technical innovation and produces extraordinary event concepts such as the Full Metal Cruise or the Wacken Winter Nights. Wacken Open Air 2021 will take place from July 29th until July 31st 2021.