Get Hammered: Part 2 Thursday 30.7 19:00 CET  Gunnar Sauermann and Jonathan Selzer, veterans of Metal Hammer Germany & UK, will talk about the bands you will see at Inferno 2021 and bands that were supposed to play this year. In this part they will talk about Kosmos Brenner, OKKULTOKRATI, Dark Fortress (Official), Asphyx, Xenoblight, VREID (OFFICIAL), Valkyrja, Marduk, TULUS and Triumph Of Death!
Available at and at the Inferno Music Conference YouTube channel.  If you missed part 1 you can still watch it on the Inferno Music Conference YouTube channel.


While we wait out the world wide pandemic the Inferno Music Conference will stream some of the planned presentations and a videocast that was supposed to be at this year`s canceled event. The presentations will be available at the Inferno Music Conference YouTube channel and

Thursday 30.7 19:00 PM CET
Get Hammered! part 2

Thursday 6.8 19:00 PM CET
Get Hammered! part 3
Thursday13.8 19:00 PM CET
Making Your Growl Heard – with the help of songwriter associations

Thursday 20.8 19:00 PM CET
History of metal in the Americas
Thursday 27.8 19:00 PM CET  Lockdown: Get ready for the aftermath!
Stay tuned for more program details! There will be more!





You thought songwriter associations are for all other genres but metal and rock? Wrong. They defend and promote the interests of music authors of all genres on national but also on European and international leveland they can help make your belt, scream, growl, and grunt heard.    

Alicja Swierczek of ECSA (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance) will take you through the benefits of joining and being part of a songwriter association. As the most recent and relevant example of ECSA’s accomplishments that directly impact the lives of songwriters, she will talk about the EU Copyright Directive more specifically on the provisions regarding online platforms paying for creative content as well as changes to contracts for authors and performers and their counterparts. Learn about the meaning of the upcoming transparency obligations in contracts, the best-seller clause, the right of revocation and other legal terms that should help improve your bargaining power and remuneration.       

"Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic
production of which he is the author." (Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)  Unfortunately, this is far from being the reality. For this reason, ECSA was created to serve as a unified voice of European composers and songwriters in front of European policy makers and to raise awareness on the specific issues for music creators. 




In 1994 Hilde Spille got her MA in cultural psychology. She works as an international booking agent at Paperclip Agency booking European, Dutch shows and tours for artists from all over the world. among them Pussy Riot, I Muvrini, Balkan Beat Box, Sass Jordan and many more. Since 2002 she also works as talent buyer for Conincx Pop Festival. In 2012 Hilde started to combine her knowledge of psychology with her experience of the international live music business, by starting her blog "Compass for Creatives". On her blog she writes about mental challenges for musicians. Next to her blog, she also gives guest lectures and personal mental coaching to musicians.

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