VREDEHAMMER – new lyric video

VREDEHAMMER – new lyric video


“Winds of Dysphoria” is taken from their critically acclaimed third full-length “Viperous”! Listen to the album in its entirety here: https://orcd.co/viperous

Vredehammer’s combination of aggressive guitars and masterful songwriting has already rewarded the band with a loyal fanbase around the world. "Viperous" is their third full-length, following a highly acclaimed catalogue including a Norwegian Grammy nomination. When it comes to extreme metal from Norway, Vredehammer is one of the best!

"Viperous" was released on March 6th via Indie Recordings.

While working on the second Vredehammer release, frontman Valla’s talent was picked up by Abbath. He was quickly enrolled as their first session lead guitarist in 2015 where he stayed for 6 months touring the world as a full time professional musician, before his passion for his own band made him decide to leave his position in the supergroup to fully focus on Vredehammer. This resulted in the most noticeable Vredehammer-release so far; "Violator".

Now, the creation of their third full length album "Viperous" is completed. A new member has also been added to the reins in the form of drummer Kai Speidel (Ex-Nordjevel and Totengeflüster). Vredehammer’s new album is pure force and keeps you turning the volume up more for each track. Per Valla (Nordjevel, Allfader, ex Abbath) has the skill of making metal in a way that keeps the listener interested. With their third release the band has incorporated a new musical element, and with the addition of «80`s horror keyboards» the Vredehammer sound is more atmospheric than ever. Vredehammer gets better for each release and delivers yet another opus of an extreme metal album.

"Vredehammer are a step beyond almost all of their peers in terms of songwriting, with a distinct aesthetic that has no problem borrowing from any metal subgenre […]." – Metal Injection.

"Viperous" will be released via Indie Recordings on March 6th!

The writing process:

The lyrics are all written by frontman Per Valla and are mostly inspired by the writings of Stephen King as they were also on Vredehammer`s sophomore album «Violator».

Guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals were recorded in the home studios of Per Valla and Kristoffer Hansen.

The drums were recorded in Velvet Recordings in Spydeberg Norway.

The album itself was mixed and mastered in the well-known Jacob Hansen Studios in Denmark in the spring of 2019.


Track list:

1. Winds of Dysphoria

2. Aggressor

3. Suffocate All Light

4. Viperous

5. Skinwalker

6. In Shadow

7. Wounds

8. Any Place But Home

9. From a Spark to a Withering Flame



Band Members:

Per Valla: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals

Kristoffer Hansen: Guitar

Kai Speidel: Drums


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