Raz ft. Chad Porter – new lyric video

Raz ft. Chad Porter – new lyric video

Raz ft. Chad Porter – Offer You A Lie (Offical Lyric Video)


On the 26th April solo artist Raz official released his lyric video for his new melodic hard hitting rock single “ Offer You A Lie “


Raz approached Chad Porter another Durban artists to come on-board during this lockdown period to utilize their time and create a single that is enticing and melodically inclined, with their love for Rock and alternate music Offer You a Lie was finalized and the instruments tracked from their home studios and then finally mixed and master by popular mixing engineer Kevin Carafa from the USA.

The Lyric video was directed at luring the listener into a story that you can unfold for yourself , the song is dark so we wanted that aspect in the video using dark scenery nd footage. The song is actually about a girl who gets kidnapped and tortured by something she thinks is love only to find an escape mentally through the lies she is told everyday whilst in capture, but we wanted to create a vague story within the lyrics to take the listener to a place of their own and make them relate to the story in their own way

The single is planned for release on all streaming platforms o the 02 May 2020




Real name Raul Diaz is South African multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and DJ.

Residing in Durban South Africa Raz has a long listing of projects to bands that he has been involved in with some form of success, to name a few Mickey Burns , The La Els and also currently playing professionally in various cover bands. Now a solo artist Raz has taken on the role of composing and writing all of his own music and is keeping busy with various South African artists on collaborations.

"My musical influences are diverse and the music i create is a true reflection of that ,I don’t like to set boundaries and I write for the moment, If asked who are the artists i am influenced by it will be diverse from artist to genre ,the list will be very long , I have a love for Hip pop , rock , Indie , new age , pop , Dance , Funk , and the blues so i cannot pin point the direction my music is heading, the goal is to infuse all of my likes and just create music with a passion.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/razldbn/