Husmanskost with new official release 21st of December

Husmanskost with new official release 21st of December


Husmanskost are releasing "Solstice: 2", the bands sixth official release, on December 21st

Husmanskost was founded in 2015 and the band are still to this day experimenting with their genre. They started mainly as a grindcore band but, in their last albums you can hear everything from thrash/death/black/gind to other subgrenres. Genres are not so important as long as the songs are well stitched together with intensity and atmosphere.

From album to album the band keeps changing up the formula and are always trying to improve the sound and songwriting.

December 21st sees the release of the band’s new material, SOLSTICE II, and below you see a trailer for it



Until now, the band has also been featured on 3 international compilations, 3 splits this year. They serve you real norwegian “Husmanskost”. The band also did a 4way split With MxAxMxa, Sisa and Rhizome and will be seen again at next years United Nations Grindcore Compilation Representing Norway by The Hills Are Dead Records.

Here are some music videos from the last album "Ambi-Valence"

Cognitive Dissonance – Track 3 from "Ambi-Valence"

Lies (Lyric video) – Track 5 from "Ambi-Valence"