BEASTMAKER – Eye Of The Storm

BEASTMAKER – Eye Of The Storm

The 12th, apparently last, EP from the Californian heavy metallers is a very good coflation of Ozzy Osbourne-sque vocals, Mastodon-ian powerful riffing and 90s Megadeth-ian melodies for a worthy swansong.

Beastmaker, consisting of Trevor William Church (guitar, vocals), John Michael Tucker (bass, vocals) and Andy "Juan Bonham" Saldate (drums), has been around since 2014, having recorded 2 full lengths and 12 EPs, including the subject of this review. The four songs on "Eye Of The Storm" are written in the vein of post-"Crack The Skye" Mastodon, with excellent attention to melody, especially in the solos, which recalls Megadeth’s Countdown To Extinction/Youthanasia/Cryptic Writings era of straddling heavy rock and metal without so much emphasis on thrash (not that Beastmaker is thrash in any sense). Trevor’s vocals are a fusion of Ozzy Osbourne and Troy Sanders, in the way the ends of words are elongated in almost an operatic manner. The performances are tighter than the evangelical support of Donald Trump and the album flows real well from start to finish.

The EP’s strength lies in variety. While the opening title track recalls classic Ozzy Osbourne, already "Shadows" marries the aforementioned Mastodon to classic Iron Maiden, while "My Only Wish" recalls Black Sabbath’s "Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath" with some riffs reminiscent of the ending of Pantera’s "Floods". This variety contributes to the listening enjoyment as does Trevor’s and Andy’s excellent production, with attention to detail as much as attention to power.

As for the flaws, there’s one track, the closing, "Celestial Glow", which has some potential and interesting pinch harmonics melody with riffs recalling Hypocrisy for some reason, which overall does not convince me as a song, possibly because, as a tribute to hallucinogenic mushroom, has more of a psychedelic vibe I don’t particularly care for. Also, while this music is certainly enjoyable, it has not a shred of originality to it.

Trevor William Church having focused solely on Haunt, Beastmaker is now laid to rest but if it goes out, it goes out as a burning flame rather than a smoldering ember.