HUSMANSKOST – new album out today

HUSMANSKOST – new album out today

HUSMANSKOST releases their third album in udner one year

Husmanskost was founded in 2015 and the band are still to this day experimenting with their genre. They started mainly as a grindcore band but, in their last albums you can hear everything from thrash/death/black/gind to other subgrenres. Genres are not so important as long as the songs are well stitched together with intensity and atmosphere.

The newly released Global cognitive Slumber is available here: 

From album to album the band keeps changing up the formula and are always trying to improve the sound and songwriting.

Until now, the band has also been featured on 3 international compilations, 3 splits this year. They serve you real norwegian “Husmanskost” 



1. Art of war
2. Petrichor of Tyrants
3. Dejection
4. Timeless Qualms
5. The Void
6. Forgotten
7. Auto-lucubration
8. Liquidation

Songs that where made for a split with Rabid Peak before they broke up.
9. Despots Will Fall
10. Inaction