CEILD – full albun stream

CEILD – full albun stream


-full album premiere-


Out January 15th 2019 via

The Statement
"With A View, we invite you on a trip through a universe made of contrasts and paradoxes. A chaotic walk,  illustrated over time, note after note, step by step. The composing process of the album was focused on the  various states of mind of a being, whose view is pointing from the very inside towards the world. Through  imaginary eyes, behold a painting of mild and bruised melodies on a canvas of misty and tormented textures. A  View is an instrumental and introspective journey."


The desire to write music out of the ordinary and the liberation of all the rules, is the basis of CEILD’s compositions. Through their inspirations, the quartet offers an energetic and poetic music garnished with atmospheres from various influences, that will carry you on a journey of musical emotions.

The band’s first album At the Heart of the Tree allowed them to tour France for a series of concerts accompanied by Igorrr, Empyrium and Psygnosis. CEILD’s immersive musical universe and its opening to a large, stunned crowd allowed them a great marching position in the new French metal scene. The French Rock Hard Magazine wrote on that subject: “CEILD could well be part of the next generation’s front display of French metal.” Come late 2018, the band has emerged from another intense studio session ready to be released into the world. This time around they decided to go fully instrumental, allowing for more compositional freedom while eliminating the distracting rock/pop duties of singing and posing. Instead, CEILD refined their ways of painting a story with music alone.




A View will be available on January 25th 2019. CEILD are thrilled to present their new instrumental work  in France and beyond its borders, comes with an etheric and chaotic aura!

NOV 30, 2018 – FR Lyon – Rock n’Eat w/ Eryn Non Dae, Vesperine
DEC 1, 2018 – FR Besançon – Les Passagers du Zinc w/ Eryn Non Dae
DEC 13, 2018 – FR Pau – Grofest
JAN 11, 2019 – FR Nantes – La scène Michelet w/ Pitbulls in the Nursery, Exocrine, Geostygma
JAN 13, 2019 – BE Fontaine l’Evêque – MCP Apache w/ Pitbulls in the Nursey, Geostygma
JAN 24, 2019 – FR Bordeaux – Le Salem w/ Geostygma
JAN 25, 2019 – ES Barcelona – Upload Club w/ Pitbulls in the Nursery, Geostygma
JAN 26, 2019 – ES Madrid – We Rock w/ Pitbulls in the Nursery, Geostygma
JAN 27, 2019 – FR Toulouse – L’Usine à Musique w/Pitbulls in the Nursery

Charles Férec – Guitar
Clément Bodin – Guitar
Esteban De Rocquigny – Bass
Antoine Van der Zijden – Drums
Raphaël Verguin – Cello
Manuel Rubio – Tenor Sax
1. A View…
2. Sailed
3. Around
4. Elephant
5. Vibration
6. Falaise
7. Thoughts
8. Erased
9. …From The Inside