ISKALD – video released

ISKALD – video released


After four years of silence, the Arctic black-metallers Iskald finally return to the battlefield with more fierce and power than ever before! Iskald will release their fifth studio album titled "Innhøstinga" (Norwegian: ‘the Harvest’) on August 31 and now a new video is out!

One of Northern Norway’s best Black Metal bands, Iskald, bring us a single called The Atrocious Horror from their upcoming album Innhøstinga accompanied with a video. Their past album Nedom og Nord was hailed as a pinnacle in their career, but it can be said that with their new effort, Iskald, have far surpassed their previous efforts as the sound has been refined even further.

The songs structural development is more complex now. The full length will be released on August 31st via Indie Recordings; in the meantime we can listen to the The Atrocious Horror and start looking forward to what’s to come. The song opens with a pretty interesting intro that is a hail to the past soundwise and shows how much attention has been payed to minute details. This song also features some thrashy undertones, although sparsely. It’s harmonious cold melody goes along with the majestic arctic landscape featured in the video. The Atrocious Horror constitutes a pretty good visual and musical experience that should not be missed.




Simon Larsen – Guitars/bass/vocals

Aage Krekling – Drums

Ben Hansen – Live guitarist

Isak Larsen – Live bassist

Iskald Innhøstinga.jpg



1. The Atrocious Horror

2. No Amen

3. Offer av Livet

4. Even Dawn drew Twilight

5. Resting…Not in Peace

6. De Siste Vintre

7. From Traitor to Beast

8. Lysene som Forsvant

7. Innhøstinga


Band photos:

Photography by: Kristian Nyheim Larsen

Edited by: Jens Rydèn