XENOBLIGHT – new lyrics video

XENOBLIGHT – new lyrics video


-Track premiere-


 From the band’s debut album


The Pre-order
 The Statement
"People and dire circumstances can push minds over the edge, but who divides the insane from the sane?
Explore the lyrical universe in Xenoblights track "Transcendence" off their debut album "Procreation" backed by galloping double pedals, shrieking vocals and piercing guitar riffs all presented through Scott Rudd Film editing and Fendieart’s cover artwork."

The Biography

Xenoblight is a Danish extreme metal band from Silkeborg, characterized by an intense and blistering atmosphere while maintaining an apathetic and melancholic lyrical universe.

Although the band is a relatively new venture from the start of 2017, Xenoblight spent the year carefully crafting their first record while playing only a limited number of shows before entering SolnaSound Recording helmed by Simon Johansson (Wolf/Memory Garden) with Mike Wead (King Diamond/bibleblack) late 2017 to record their debut album “Procreation”. By 2018, the band is ready to unleash their music to the world and play any stage capable of the jaw-breaking sound that is Xenoblight.

“Procreation” released the 8th of February 2018.