THE VOYNICH CODE – Share the same passion about heavy music

THE VOYNICH CODE – Share the same passion about heavy music

Who is The Voynich Code?

The Voynich Code are a bunch of dudes from Lisbon-Portugal, who share the same passion about heavy music.

Besides your Facebook profile and your bandcamp page, there isn’t much info on you online. Can you please inform us about your musical style and preferences?

Our genre is something between Heavy and Groove with enigmatic stuff in the middle. It’s basically Deathcore with our own "touch" and some synths/samples, to give that enigmatic vibe. That’s what we like to write!

What were your dreams and goals when you decided to start the band and have your reached many of your goals so far?

We started the band with the idea of sharing our music with the world.

Of course we have dreams and goals that we want to achieve, but the main one is – touring the world!

We had our first European tour on May and it was awesome for sure!

What can you tell us Vikings up here in the north about the Lisbon and Portuguese metal and metalcore scene?

There isn’t a big metal scene here in Lisbon, but people who really like this kind of music and the local bands really support them, by going to shows or buying some merch… that’s always cool!

400000+ views of your first video from the album on Youtube; what does that do to a band who just released their debut album?

It gives us hope. Makes us want to continue doing what we’ve been doing the these last 3 years. We knew the sky was the limit as soon as we saw that our music was actually reaching people from all over the world.


What can you tell us about your debut album "Aqua Vitae"?

With "Aqua Vitae" we wanted to step up on our writing and composition. We took a different approach in the writing process, maintaining our enigmatic heaviness-groove as always!

The musical jungle today consists of an enormous amount of bands around the globe. What does The Voynich Code have that make you the band to check out?

We don’t necessarily follow trends. We write what feels right regardless of what people may think of it. Best of all, as soon as we hit the stage, we give it all we’ve got, every single time.

When you are writing music, what is most important to you? Is the music itself or the lyrics or maybe that those two fit each other?

We think that its a mix of both, because you can read the lyrics and understand what’s happening, but you can feel what’s happening also by hearing the instrumental. The vibe of a specific part of a music, really can mess with a person. A good song has to be good overall, not just in a specific instrument.

What comes first when you write new songs? Riff, melodies or the lyrics?

Normally riffs and melodies come first, then Nelson writes a specific lyric regarding the vibe of that particular song.

Any famous last words?

"I’ll stop this planet from spinning”