Full album stream: LATITUDES – Old Sunlight

Full album stream: LATITUDES – Old Sunlight




"Old Sunlight"


Released by:
Debemur Morti Productions

January 22, 2016

<a href="http://dmp666.bandcamp.com/album/old-sunlight" mce_href="http://dmp666.bandcamp.com/album/old-sunlight">Old Sunlight by LATITUDES</a>

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Influenced by such varied Artists as NEUROSIS, RUSH, KING CRIMSON, BLUT AUS NORD, IMMOLATION, CONVERGE or MASTODON, the incredible UK-based band LATITUDES proudly deliver, with "Old Sunlight", their deepest, most expansive and forward-thinking work to date.

Looking inward for inspiration, these talented musicians present a powerfully unique record: riff-heavy and devastating, restless and condensed, melodic and atmospheric, imbued with unrelenting forward motion.

"Old Sunlight" is an exciting, fascinating and relentless piece of semi- instrumental Cinematic Metal in its more noble expression, cleverly technical and complex without being over-worked – a captivating structure of monstrously heavy riffs and haunting mellifluous vocals surrounded by an impressive maze of curving and twisting melodies.

LATITUDES, with this fantastic third album, have created a sterling work of genre-spanning contemporary Metal. Anyone who enjoys pure musicality and progressive musicianship in tandem with the atmospheric and filmic aspects of instrumental metal should give this careful listening !





1. Ordalian 09:13
2. Body Within a Body 07:56
3. Amnio 03:34
4. Gyre 06:40
5. In Rushes Bound 06:31
6. Altarpieces 08:06
7. Quandary 02:27


Rich Harper – keyboards
Adam Crowley – guitars
Tim Blyth – guitars
Jon Lyon – bass
Mike Davies – drums


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