YODOK III med konsert på Betong (15/1)

YODOK III med konsert på Betong (15/1)

Oslo – Betong

Fredag 15. januar 2016
(Dørene åpner kl 19:00)




CC: 200,-/125,- (ikke medlem/ medlem av DNS)
Billetter kjøpes i døra

18 år leg plikt


(Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø)


Primarily a study in avant-garde, Yodok III is bridging genres like ambient, free jazz, drone, shoegaze, post-rock, and even classical into a mind bending tapestry. The band’s impressive, harmonious, and forward thinking experimentations are groundbreaking, “suggesting a new means of creating free improv”, according to All About Jazz – USA.

Yodok III is certainly from the jazz school of thought, but jazz this is not! This band will heavily appeal also to those with a heavier and darker musical taste, offering “everything a classic post-rock fan might want: luxurious builds, crushing crescendos and the most cavernous guitar work this side of GY!BE”, according to A Closer Listen – UK.