Full album stream: MONOLITHE – Epsilon Aurigae

Full album stream: MONOLITHE – Epsilon Aurigae




"Epsilon Aurigae"

Released by:
Debemur Morti Productions

December 11, 2015


<a href="http://dmp666.bandcamp.com/album/epsilon-aurigae" mce_href="http://dmp666.bandcamp.com/album/epsilon-aurigae">Epsilon Aurigae by MONOLITHE</a>


After an incredible and unique cycle of 4 outstanding albums that have deeply marked the history of Doom Metal, MONOLITHE open a fascinating new chapter in their story with a surprising and phenomenal new offering.

Surprising, because the absolute singularity of MONOLITHE’s artistic genius is celebrated this time through an amazing Progressive Dark Metal approach. This fantastic project is perpetually evolving, and they have demonstrated once again an insatiable need to discover new sonic horizons.

And phenomenal, because with this new album the band follow in the mystical footsteps of the great musical explorers of the ’70s, showing a fabulous and exciting sense of composition. Even if their specific touch is immediately recognizable, the three monumental pieces developed here are powerfully affecting and channel the purity of deep emotions at the heart of the sound.

"Epsilon Aurigae" is a massive maelstrom of powerfull riffs, memorable melodies, and sublime instrumental developments.

Prepare to embark on a mystical and cosmic trip and let this sumptuous new masterpiece be your sonic guide to the edges of the Universe.





1. Synoecist  15:00  
2. TMA-0 15:00  
3. Everlasting Sentry 15:00  


Benoît Blin Guitars
Richard Loudin Vocals
Sylvain Bégot Guitars
Olivier Defives Bass
Thibault Faucher Drums

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