DANZIG – Skeletons

DANZIG – Skeletons

Spending the past four years working on "Skeletons", this is a peak into some of Glenn Danzig’s favorite songs and putting his own twist on the ten tracks. Taking on material from The Everly Brothers, The Troggs, and Elvis Presley to Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, and ZZ Top, do not expect to the note replicas of this material. "Rough Boy" for instance has more of a 50’s ballad arrangement sans the keyboards of the original, with Glenn really reaching back for some high hold-out notes during the chorus. "N.I.B." is even more doomy if you can believe it, right in the Danzig wheelhouse.

Shouldn’t really be a shock that "Let Yourself Go" from Elvis is on here, Glenn has a lot of that bluesy delivery to pull off this arrangement. Conversely, "Find Somebody" originally done by The Young Rascals doesn’t peak my interest because of its darker guitar tone, while the country interpretation of "Satan (from Satan’s Sadists) from Paul Wibier just sounds monotonous in the verses and fails to raise and sort of energy level to the record.

A labor of love, "Skeletons" surely will find its way into many Danzig connoisseur collections, but the newcomer probably should steer clear of this. A stop gap release before the next studio record hits the market.