DIABLO – Silver Horizon

DIABLO – Silver Horizon

Loosely based on a 1956 science fiction novel called Aniara, "Silver Horizon" is the latest album for Finnish melodic death/groove metal quartet Diablo. Active since 1995 under Diablo Brothers before shortening their name to Diablo 4 years later, expect a sound that has a strong, low-tuned chug and off-time djent parts along with a gruff vocal presence plus gang background supplementation in all the key chorus moments.

A Nevermore meets Meshuggah sound if you will, just giving things more of a down to earth spin makes "Into the Void", the steam roller "Corium Black", and the churning, rhythm-oriented opener "The Call" three immediate head turners. It’s clear that throughout this album guitarists Marko Utriainen and Rainer Nygård command modest attention, their thick riffing combinations and instrumental breaks offering up a display of axe integrity for the genre to behold. Keyboard nuances, a snappy snare sound, and fluctuation in terms of tempos keeps this 10 song, 52 minute album moving along – "Silver Horizon" probably comfortable touring with heavier acts and commercial-oriented ones to gain equal applause and appreciation.

Seven years between studio albums means Diablo is ready to take on the world- and it sounds fierce and focused to these ears.