EVO / ALGY – Damned Unto Death

EVO / ALGY – Damned Unto Death

Evo from Warfare and Algy Ward of Tank join forces for their first EP "Damned Unto Death", a 6 song effort containing 3 originals and 3 cover tracks. Evo handles drums and vocals while Algy takes on the bass and guitars – and this is pretty much a crossover punk/ metal effort that digs into the roots of their late 70’s to early 80’s musical heritage. "Nosferatu" is interesting because of the violin solo that gives the song a bit of a Skyclad feel to an otherwise straight forward bluesy metal offering in line with Mercyful Fate meets Nazareth, while "Doomed at Dodes" has a thick bass groove and Evo delivering vocals as if channeling Alice Cooper dripping blood, while Algy’s guitar break kicks back into 50’s rock ‘n’ roll territory.

Of the three covers, "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." by Motörhead is a quick hitter, "Know Your Products" is from Algy’s early band The Saints, and "Tune to the Music" from Status Quo gives the listeners some insight into the efforts of this severely underrated UK boogie rock band. Given the fact that Algy’s former bandmates have moved on in a new Tank incarnation, and Evo’s laying Warfare to bed 24 years ago, maybe "Damned Unto Death" can be a fresh start for the Evo/ Algy combination.

As long as you can handle this being a fresh entity of its own and enjoy primitive throwback metal with a punk ethos, many will enjoy this 22 minute record.