INFERNO 2015 streames

INFERNO 2015 streames

This year the Inferno festival will go live on net streaming most bands playing the main stage at Rockefeller Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd. of April. There will be interviews, reports from the festival and plenty of fun in between the shows. So if you can’t attend our 15th anniversary you will still have the perfect opportunity to watch it as it happens. Head over to, create an account, buy streaming pass and you’re ready to celebrate Easter the metal way!

Order tickets by clicking on the desired day(s) in our live stream tickets box in the right hand column. Ticket prices are 10 EUR for a single day and 17.50 EUR for both days.


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Concert Lineup on the Live Stream

Thursday April 2nd

18:15 – Execration (NO)
Norway’s Execration has been around for 10 years now. The time has been well spent with several releases leading up to last year’s masterpiece "Morbid Dimensions". The album has received huge attention in the media and got 6 of 6 points in Scream Magazine, Eternal Terror and Norsk Metal. It even won the Norwegian Grammy for best metal album. Execration’s experimental death metal is something unique within the genre where they incorporating a wide set of different styles into their sound. The result is hard hitting, brutal and original death metal from the new kings of Norwegian death metal!

19:50 – Septicflesh (GR)
Greek Septicflesh started way back in 1990 and in 2009 they showed us what they were good for in front of a critical Inferno audience. They came, they played and they won – thus fitting that they visit us during the Inferno Metal Festival 2015! They have recently released one of their most impressive work, "Titan", which has received excellent reviews worldwide. Their concert at Inferno Metal Festival 2015 will be just as good – if not better!

21:30 – 1349 (NO)
1349 started out in 1997 and has since then build up a reputation as one of the most raw and brutal black metal bands from Norway. The band has made six records where some are considered as classics within the genre. With their new release,"Massive Cauldron of Chaos", the band sounds more insane than ever! The band played at the second Inferno Metal Festival in 2002 – and now they return more intense than ever! The band makes their own statement about their return to Inferno Metal Festival: "It is with great excitement that we will set ablaze our Aural Hellfire at Inferno 2015. Indeed – the Fire of Hell shall burn, the Cauldron shall boil, and the very air shall fucking explode. COME FEEL THE FIRE!"

00:00 – Behemoth (PL)
The Polish death metal legends in Behemoth will come to Inferno Metal Festival to destroy all that is holy and sacred! The band performed at Inferno on our second edition in 2002, and we are proud to have them back with us. Since then the band has grown to a giant and is today probably the most famous metal band from Eastern Europe. The band has never been lazy and constantly releases great albums. Most recently last year with the great album called "The Satanist". The band is tighter than ever and this is definitely going to be a gig for the ages!


Friday April 3rd

18:15 – Goatwhore (US) (pending approval)
Goatwhore was formed back in 1997 in the swampland of Louisiana, USA. With six albums released the band has earned their reputation as one of the best blackened death metal bands out there, and for being a hell of a live band with their energetic and hard hitting live shows. No wonder as the band has members and ex-members from such bands as Acid Bath, Crowbar, Soilent Green and Nachtmystium. So you know they will be delivering the goods when they play Inferno Metal Festival for the first time!

19:50 – Skeletonwitch (US)
Skeletonwitch is a blackened thrash metal band that was formed in 2003 in Athens, Ohio, USA. The Band has released five internationally acclaimed and successful albums. The latest one is last years "Serpents Unleashed" that shows the band at their absolutely most intense and brutal. The thrashers has done prestigious festival appearances at Wacken, Summer Breeze, Graspop, Tuska and Bloodstock, and it is time to destroy Norway at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time! Expect nothing but a kick ass time!

00:00 – Enslaved (NO)
Enslaved headlined Inferno on our very first year in 2001 and are now headlining 15 years later. Much has happened since then and the band has moved in a more progressive direction and all albums are loved by both critics and fans. Enslaved started out in 1991 and has since then released a series of albums and is considered as one of the major Norwegian metal bands today. The 13nd Enslaved album is called "In Times" and takes the band to new levels when it comes to combining good melodies with extreme music. The band will preformed a very special gig at Inferno Metal Festival 2015.