MORBID ANGEL – European tour

MORBID ANGEL – European tour

Morbid Angel
kick off ‘Covenant’ dates in Europe

MORBID ANGEL are about to kick off their special European tour! The legendary death metal outfit are still celebrating the 20th anniversary of their milestone release ‘Covenant’ (1993) by performing the complete album live. The brutalisers from Florida will embark on their long road-trip in Rennes (FR) on November 8th and continue to blast stages all over Europe until their final show in Oslo (NO) at the Vulkan Arena on December 20th.


08 Nov 14 Rennes (FR) Etage
09 Nov 14 Limoges (FR) CC John Lennon
11 Nov 14 Toulon (FR) Vox
12 Nov 14 Vevey (CH) Rocking Chair
13 Nov 14 Bologna (IT) Estragon
14 Nov 14 Milan (IT) Live Club
15 Nov 14 Lindau (DE) Club Vaudeville
16 Nov 14 Pratteln (CH) Z7
18 Nov 14 Nürnberg (DE) Hirsch  
19 Nov 14 Berlin (DE) Postbahnhof  
20 Nov 14 Gdansk  (PL) B90
21 Nov 14 Warszawa (PL) Progresja
22 Nov 14 Zlin (CZ) Hala Euronics   (Winter Masters Of Rock)
23 Nov 14 Katowice (PL) Mega Club
26 Nov 14 Aschaffenburg (DE) Colos Saal
27 Nov 14 Strasbourg (FR) La Laiterie
28 Nov 14 Paris (FR) Le Trabendo
29 Nov 14 Louvain-la-Neuve (BE) La Ferme du Bireau (Mass Deathtruction Festival)
02 Dec 14 München (DE) Backstage  
03 Dec 14 Mannheim (DE) Alte Seilerei
04 Dec 14 Essen (DE) Turock  
07 Dec 14 Dublin (IR) The Academy
08 Dec 14 Manchester (UK) Sound Control
09 Dec 14 Glasgow (UK) The Garage
10 Dec 14 Birmingham (UK) The Asylum
11 Dec 14 Bristol (UK) Bierkeller
12 Dec 14 London (UK) 02 Academy Islington
13 Dec 14 Eindhoven (NL) Effenaar (Eindhoven Metal Meeting)
14 Dec 14 Hamburg (DE) Klubsen  
16 Dec 14 København (DK) Pumpehuset
17 Dec 14 Göteborg (SE) Sticky Fingers
18 Dec 14 Malmö (SE) KB
19 Dec 14 Norrköping (SE) Black (Christmas  Festival Flygeln)
20 Dec 14 Oslo (NO) Vulkan Arena


The latest MORBID ANGEL album ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’ is still available through the Season of Mist shop in various formats including a massive limited edition collectors’ box. Tracklist and artwork are shown below.

1. Omni Potens
2. Too Extreme!
3. Existo Vulgoré
4. Blades for Baal
5. I Am Morbid
6. 10 More Dead
7. Destructos vs the Earth / Attack
8. Nevermore
9. Beauty Meets Beast
10. Radikult
11. Profundis – Mea Culpa

2011’s ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’ is the album the Metal world had been desperately anticipating for years. In 2008, legendary frontman David Vincent returned to take his rightful place at the front of MORBID ANGEL! Evoked in the year 1984 by founding member and guitarist extraordinaire Trey Azagthoth, MORBID ANGEL are among those select few artists that have risen to a truly iconic level during their historic career. MORBID ANGEL‘S first full length ‘Altars Of Madness"’ (1989) descended upon the worldwide metal community as a raging storm, and changed the course of extreme music forever. With each following album from ‘Blessed Are The Sick’ (1991) through ‘Covenant’ (1993) to ‘Domination’ (1995), MORBID ANGEL hammered one milestone after the other into the core of this planet. When Mr. Vincent departed before ‘Formulas Fatal To The Flesh’ (1997) the fans were shocked, but Trey continued to explore his musical genius in new directions though the highly acclaimed ‘Gateways To Annihilation’ (2000) and ‘Heretic’ (2003). Picking up where ‘Domination’ left off and pushing the limits once again, ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’ is truly groundbreaking and shatters the boundaries of creativity and imagination as its predecessors in the inspiring evolution of the band have done, and which have never ceased to amaze their global multitude of die-hard fans. Their latest masterpiece elevates, transcends and expands the extreme music scene to heights never reached before. Expect to have your mind, body, and soul turned inside out – MORBID ANGEL, the GODS, have returned!

Trey Azagthoth: guitars
Destructhor: guitars
Tim Yeung: drums  
Mr. Vincent: vocals, bass guitar, keyboards