BEYOND THE GATES III – Day II – Bergen, Garage

BEYOND THE GATES III – Day II – Bergen, Garage

Day 2 – True power

The second night of the mighty Beyond the Gates festival kicks off with heavy tunes from Israel, and ends up in Sweden. The biggest band of the evening is Nifelheim.

Sonne Adam means "hater of man" in hebrew, and it is quite easy to see why they chose the name when you hear their music. Pure and quite obviously driven by hatefull powers, these guys shows off that there are unknown powers all around the world. Even in Israel. A very nice experience to start off the evening with.

Grave Miasma hits the stage with the same effect as "Sonne Adam". The audience seems impressed and the band gives a good performance. A little anonymous, but not bad in any way. Enjoyably heavy, but not the most interesting act of the festival. With that said, they are far from the least interesting band either.

(Photo: Silje Stenkløv)

Revidert Kommunal Handlingsplan is the Norwegian band of the evening. Probably the festivals youngest artists, but far from the worst. This is dark thrash metal with alot of potential, and it is not hard to see how they managed to get booked for the festival. Revidert Kommunal Handlingsplan would have been a star on the Norwegian metal sky, if it weren’t for the silly name.

NIFELHEIM live @ Beyond the Gates III
(Photo: Silje Stenkløv)

The final act of the night is Nifelheim from Sweden. The evenings most theatrical band, and also the band with the most kick! Dark, brutal energy is what one would feel manifest itself from this band, although they also have some sort of rock n’ roll element to their whole image. It’s like if Judas priest suddenly started to play black metal. To have seen Nifelheim live is to be one awesome experience richer. Not just because of the awesome, stylized visuals, but also because of the amazing sound.

The second night was maybe a bit softer than the first night, but not much softer. The second night also had a much better ending, and that’s what people take with them in the memory bag.