New song: ÆVANGELIST – Præternigma

New song: ÆVANGELIST – Præternigma


Proudly presents the premiere of





From their brand new upcoming full-length "Writhes in the Murk"


Release date: September 12, 2014



"Writhes in the Murk" signifies the next phase in the existence of ÆVANGELIST’s approach to experimental and extreme dark music. Falling somewhere within, but never fully defined by, the current boundaries of Death Metal, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Power Violence, & Black Noise with a heavy influence from choral music, jazz textures, and New Age sensibilities.

"Writhes in the Murk" is a musically diverse downward spiral of nightmare and horrifying bliss.


(Photo: A. L. Paulsen/ Cervinæ)

1. Hosanna 07:39
2. The Only Grave 08:23
3. Præternigma 08:40
4. Disquiet 04:18
5. Ælixir 08:14
6. Harken to the Flesh 05:54
7. Halo of Lamented Glory 06:48
8. Writhes in the Murk 09:26

Line up:
Ascaris – Voices / Saxophone / Cello
Matron Thorn – Guitars / Bass / Drums / Ambiance / Noise / Vocals

Alive 2015 :
Ascaris – Vocals, Saxophone, FX
Matron Thorn – Guitar, Vocals
Æryn – Guitar ][ – Bass, hybrid voice
The Auditor – Ambiance, atmospheres,
noise S – Drums