Ny låt: ARKAN – Hayati

Ny låt: ARKAN – Hayati

(Season of Mist)




Fra det kommende albumet "Sofia" ute på Season of Mist i løpet av mai.

Arkan is a band from Paris with roots in the Mahgreb and thus belong to the Oriental Metal scene. They started out as Death Metal, but the new album is far more melancholic and sophisticated than before. Female Singer Sarah has now more parts too. Good idea! 


The sudden loss of a life far too young is always a cataclysmic event for those left behind. A void is left in place of what might have been. Pain and tears erase all smiles. "Sofia" is the artistic legacy of such a tragedy that befell a member of ARKAN – a Parisian Metal band founded by former THE OLD DEAD TREE drummer Foued Moukid in the year 2005. That deep personal crisis easily explains the change of musical spirit, which occurred between 2011’s sophomore album "Salam" ("Peace") and "Sofia". The band’s trademark whirlwind of Arabic percussion and crushing guitar riffing has audibly matured into a much more melancholic and subtle sound. There are still those magical moments of ancient oriental string instruments, but they blend in more organically than before. The dark warmth of Sarah Layssac’s vocals has deservedly gained more room, while Florent Jannier’s deep growls now rarely make an appearance in favour of more clean singing. Heartbreaking suffering has been turned into music. Yet instead of wailing in self-pity, beauty and hope are offered without forgetting the scars. Foued founded ARKAN with a clear goal to amalgamate melodic Death Metal with Oriental traditions, whose roots reach deep down into the ethnic sounds of Algeria and Morocco. The result was the debut "Hilal" (2008), which made the band brothers in spirit of Oriental Metal bands such as ORPHANED LAND. Now ARKAN have redefined their style without losing touch of their base. Continuity also dwells in working again with Studio Fredman. "Sofia" is a deeply heartfelt tribute that reveals more secrets of its detailed textures and meaningful melodies with each new spin. There are treasures to be found by those who listen well and with care…


1.     Hayati
2.     My Reverence
3.     March of Sorrow
4.     Leaving Us
5.     Soiled Dreams
6.     Deafening Silence
7.     Endless Way
8.     Wingless Angels
9.     Beauty Asleep
10.   Scar of Sadness
11.   Cold Night’s Dream
12.   Dark Epilogue (9. – 12. Sofia)



Foued Moukid: drums & percussion

Sarah Layssac: female vocals

Florent Jannier: male vocals

Samir Ramila: bass guitar

Mus El Kamal: guitars, acoustic guitars, oûd, mandola