BEYOND THE GATE slipper første band

BEYOND THE GATE slipper første band


28. til 30. august blir årets BEYOND THE GATES arrangert i Bergen. I dag ble billettsalget åpnet i tillegg til at festivalen slapp sine første fem band.



Who would imagine the one man force The Ruins Of Beverast would ever grace us with a live performance, and none would even dream to think he could ever capture the claustrophobic and unique atmosphere the albums are filled to the brim with. But what a live band they have become! With members from other well known acts such as Secrets Of The Moon, Kathaaria and Drowned, there’s been nothing but praise after their spectacular live debut at Roadburn last year. After a handful of highly acclaimed and exclusive gigs, we’re proud to welcome the band to Norway and Beyond The Gates for the very first time. Expect nothing but sheer doomy brilliance!


Few bands and albums from the NWOBHM era has stood the test of time as good as Satan and their classic "Court in the Act". But if that wasn’t enough, the very same crew are now together again, and after releasing last years perhaps most acclaimed comeback album "Life Sentence", we’re very excited to finally have Brian Ross and the rest of his crew on Norwegian soil this year.


Not a lot of movements have made such an underground impact the over the past years as the proto metal, retro metal or doom rock scene that’s been evolving recently. One of the most unique and best acts rising from this, is without doubt England’s Purson. The Rise Above outfit is as great and charming as you’d expect, and being voted best new band and best debut album in the Terrorizer readers poll for 2013 was everything but a coincidence. Groovy, baby!


Abusing Death Metal as an output of explorations into the Occult, Grave Miasma are loyal to their roots of Goatlord, early Rotting Christ, Mortuary Drape and Immolation whilst displaying a personality missing from much of the underground Death Metal revival. Their storming debut full-length ‘Odori Sepulcrorum’ promises to mark the next stage of the Death Metal evolution. Like vultures feasting on carrion, ‘Odori Sepulcrorum’ will intuitively infect your veins. The record contains an experimental streak with traditional instrumentation and chants utilised to transport the listener towards an endless void. Grave Miasma perform Metal of Death and rebirth.


Keep it true, keep it old school. That’s the ethos the founding members Hellbutcher and Tyrant has kept for Nifelheim since the inception of this cult act back in 1990. From the demo "Unholy Death" from 1993, Nifelheim has kept the flame of the underground alive with their raw and unpolished thrashing black metal. Albums like "Devil’s Force", "Servants of Darkness" and the most recent "Envoy of Lucifer" are all masterpieces in their own right. And not to forget, their high octane live performances are a sight to behold. Nifelheim is no bullshit, no core and no trends. Fuck off!

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